Saturday, July 30, 2005

From “Gblagg’s Little Book of Liberal Euphemism” Part 2

Mainstream’-(n) epitomized by the Leftist uberman-an atheist, socialist, homosexual, social and judicial activist, living on one of the two coasts, who demands the right to abortion up until the moment of birth.

Parent ‘A’’-(n) an androgynous caretaker who may or may not be blood related to the post birth fetus in question.

Parent ‘B’’-(n) See ‘Parent ‘A’, only add another level of insanity.

Stem-Cell Research’-(n) Means only embryonic stem-cell research. Absolutely not adult or cord blood stem-cell research, but let me repeat, only embryonic stem-cell research.

Economics’-(n) a school of thought whose theories are misused by mental giants such as Paul Krugman in order to deny reality and advance the point that we are in the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Environmentalist’-(n) any rich Liberal who demands the government ‘do something’ about the environment while sitting in their air conditioned flat in the center of their concrete crusted metropolitan center.

Union’-(n) pseudo-socialist entity used to funnel money from government sponsored slave labor directly into the DNC coffers.

Journalist’-(n) a wordsmith who, even with mostly limited knowledge of the subject of his reportage, still is able to slant it towards his pro-liberal/anti-conservative agenda.

Values’-(n) anything that can in any way be linked to ‘a woman’s right to choose’. (syn.)-6 degrees of Roe vs. Wade.

Corporation’-(n) an evil entity consisting only of fat cat CEOs...and with, of course, some unholy connection to the sitting administration. (ant.)-a business for profit offering jobs to qualified individuals thus increasing that individuals quality of life.

Fascist’-(n) any Conservative who stands for what he believes in, but under no circumstances a Liberal who does the same.

The Second Amendment’-(n) ‘What the hell are you talking about...there is no second amendment...Oh, you mean that one.”

Mandate’-(n) any campaign to force a change in government or society, almost always to benefit only a very small vocal portion of society.

Home Schooling’-(n) a malicious attempt by red state Christian bigots to oppose Progressive indoctrination of children.

PBS(Public Broadcast System)’-(n) “Ha! You think ‘home schooling’ will keep our Progressive indoctrination from your children’s minds? And even funnier, we’re making you pay for it!”

Diplomacy’-(n) ceding American power and control to any entity or nation that feels it has been in any way wronged at any time in the past by the evil U.S. or it’s Capitalist policies.

Patriotism’-(n) blowing oneself and innocents to smithereens in order to force The Great Satan out of one’s homeland.

Feelings’-(n) the most important facet used in making any decisions, or for that matter, public policy.

Victim’-(n) anyone, as long as they are not a white male who is presently employed.

Islam’-(n) “The religion we hope defeats those damn Christians once and for all.”

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For the Children

Stuart, how could you?
From Yahoo News via The New York Post:
It's the kind of outrageous story that would raise the hackles of talk-show host Al Franken: A government-funded agency serving the needy lends nearly $500,000 to a shaky political radio network and is never repaid.
Except it involves Franken's own Air America.
The network issued a statement yesterday admitting its connection to The Bronx's Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Clubs, which lost nearly $10 million in city contracts last month after investigators uncovered "significant inappropriate transaction and falsified documents."
One irregularity, first reported by Michael Horowitz in The City News, a Bronx-based publication, was the $480,000 transfer to Air America.
"We are very disturbed that Air America's good name could be associated with a reduction in services to young people, which is why we agreed months ago to fully compensate Gloria Wise," the network said yesterday.

Ah, but there’s more...
But two days earlier, in response to Post questions, the network insisted that the $480,000 came in before May 2004, when Piquant LLC took over the Air America assets of Progress Media — run by Evan Cohen, development director at Gloria Wise.
"Piquant had no involvement whatsoever with funds from the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club," the network declared at the time. "Piquant neither received nor expended any of the sums that are the subject of the city's investigation of the club."

Well, at least they claim they’ll pony up with the cash.
But Jerry, my God, it was for the children! For the children!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Some Thoughts on Freedom

I am an individual. I am largely independent. I was born this way. I expect little from the government but roads, privacy, and protection from external enemies. Unfortunately, I am of the few.
I do not state these facts to belittle others nor even promote myself. I state them merely because they are important. For they are the basis of freedom.
For freedom never comes from dependence.
I find it endlessly irritating that the Left, and unfortunately many too now on the Right, do not understand this basic fact. The more dependent you are on another person or entity(read government), the less free you are. You can spout ‘freedom this’ and ‘freedom that’, but you step further from liberty with each inch towards dependence.
And the ‘freedom’ pulpits know this. They know that in order to control you, first they must make you dependent. They steal your liberty while at the exact same time crowing how they love the march of ‘freedom’.
They offer instead, safety. Safety and comfort. “I will protect you. With Welfare. With Social Security. With National Heal Care. With laws that make criminals of honest men. All I ask in return is your dependence.” This is there code. Do not be fooled.
You have been endowed by your creator(whatever you choose to call him) with innate abilities. With creativity. With power. With self-reliance. Do not believe the lie that you have not.
So many are victims of ‘the soft bigotry of low expectations’ in our world. But you need not be a victim. As long as a man has breath, a man can change. A man can fight. A man can do. If there is a secret to freedom, it is will. It is the ‘fire in the belly’. It is control over one’s decisions. It is the will to act. None of these things are aspects of dependence.
Look at your life. See where you are dependent. Ask yourself if in these areas you are free. You are told you live in a ‘free’ society, but is this true?
With every new government program you are less free. With every new law you are less free. With every new tax you are less free.
We have given up so much in the name of comfort and safety.
But the human soul burns to be free. It is in our DNA. It is still there for us. Do we have the will to grab it?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Great Quote

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The delayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. -- John Stuart Mill

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Loud and Clear

"I want to make one thing very clear to you. Whatever excuse or justification these people use, I do not believe we should give on inch to them," he said.

Not in this country and the way we live our lives here," Blair said.

"Not in Iraq, not in Afghanistan, not in our support for two states, Israel and Palestine, not in our support for the alliances we choose, including with America.

Not one inch do we give to these people."


Monday, July 25, 2005

20 Questions

Because I am infinitely curious, questions often pop into my mind that I am too ignorant to personally answer. So, here is your opportunity to show me just how deep my ignorance runs. I am looking for answers to the twenty questions listed below.
Logical, even-tempered, thoughtful answers need only apply.

1) What is the Islamic view on abortion?
2) Explain the meaning of ‘The worst economy since the Great Depression’.
3) What is the Islamic view on Gay marriage?
4) What’s the deal with Harry Potter? I just don’t get it.
5) What is the Islamic view on Atheism?
6) Is anyone ever to blame for anything they do...other than Bush, I mean?
7) What is the Islamic view on passing out condoms in school?
8) What takes more faith, to believe the universe was created or to believe that it wasn’t?
9) What is the Islamic view on pornography?
10) How does the ‘Death Tax’ not amount to slavery?
11) What is the Islamic view of diversity?
12) Do the writers of ‘Six Feet Under’ want us to believe that all Liberals are as big of losers as the characters on the show?
13) What is the Islamic view of capital punishment?
14) Don’t you hate track back spam?
15) What is the Islamic view on feminism?
16) Do you really ever own your property if the government can take it from you at any time for any reason?
17) What is the Islamic view on affirmative action?
18) Has Socialism ever worked anywhere? Anytime?
19) What is the Islamic view on Liberalism?
20) Do you really want to live under Sharia Law?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Penultimate Definition of Appeaser

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile - hoping it will eat him last.

Sir Winston Churchill

Friday, July 22, 2005

An Open Letter to Liberal Appeasers

When I heard about the shooting and killing of the homicide bomber in London this morning my first thought was, ‘Sweet!’. Then came news of the bomb threat to the mosque. And my next thought was, ‘It’s about time.’ Then I heard that the house of one of the bombers had been burnt to the ground. ‘Where do I get a match?’, I wondered. This may frighten many of you, but it seems I am becoming a vigilante. Yes you heard me, A Vigilante.
But hold on a sec, before you condemn me for that vicious crime, let’s be fair. All I ask is that you offer me the same compassion you so willing cede to the decapitators and baby killers. That you look at my weakness with the same tolerance you offer mall bombers and the militant anti-Semitic. You must not look at the vileness of my views, that would be judgmental. You must, if you dare not be a hypocrite, look at what it is that has made me this way.
What is the history that has caused my hatred. Surely someone is to blame, that someone not being me of course. But some evil action in my past by some oil cartel or giant corporation or the military industrial complex. Or maybe it is some past discretion of my own beloved country. The way we treated the Indians, or the blacks, or some foreign despots. Or it could go even further back than that. Maybe it was the Crusades, heck it could even have been the very beginning of Western civilization...damned Romans.
I mean let’s be serious here, I can not be held responsible for my actions. Just ask the media or Ken Livingstone or Jerry Springer. Sure my vigilantism must be stopped, but how can that be accomplished without looking inside. At our own culpability, our own guilty actions. Well, Libs, I’m with you on this one, it can’t.
And after we look inside, how about looking at external reasons for my victimhood. Let us now look at what terrorists have done to inflict me with this most dangerous of diseases. There was the hostage situation in the ‘70's. The killing of an innocent handicapped man by throwing him over the side of a ship. The attacks on American embassies. The killing of the Marines in Lebanon. The bombing of the U.S.S. Cole. The first failed attack on the World Trade Centers. The bombings in Bali and Germany. The bombings in Spain. 9/11. And these latest attacks in London. How could I not be affected. Infected, by this insidious slow brewing desire for revenge.
And really, you America hating, Bush bashing, appeasement embracing, scared little moonbats; you just have to cut me a break. It’s the Liberal thing to do.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Modern Man

I will not believe that man is such a worthless creature. That he walks this Earth merely to find comfort and safety. That each man needs every other, however lowly and inept. I will not abide Socialism or Liberalism or any other of the human hating religions.
I believe man has a greatness. That he is born to drive to perfection, and unable to reach it, drive even harder. That every man owns a ‘fire in the belly’. That it is his right, no his duty, as a human to find and work that dream.
And I believe there are those who would quench that fire. Who’s self loathing and personal contempt too, force them to undertake the quenching of others. They are the enemy. Of myself and of man. It is their fear that brings the blackness to life. Their search for safety. And Utopia. And someone to blame.
Men used to know that life was dangerous. That the control of their fates was in the hands of the gods. They would curse when it was in them to curse, and laugh then when laughter was fitting. But they understood that life was uncaring of whatever doom they were due. And in that knowledge was freedom.
Freedom from fear. Freedom from the cage of comfort. Freedom from the shackles of safety.
But no more. There are too few men like this left. Most would surely and easily cede that freedom to bike helmets, no smoking zones, and Social Security. Comfort at all costs and comfort for all. At the barrel of a gun if necessary.
And safety, too. Let us all never die. Never be injured, and never get sick. And we’ll sue if we do, if that’s what it takes. Someone is guilty of my encephalitis.
But the truth in the end, is the fruit from the tree of knowledge was fear. Sweet, sugary fear. There are those who’ll admit it and those who will live it. Those who will spit it and those who will swallow it whole. And those as well who will offer it free.
But with all this still, I will not believe
that man is such a worthless creature.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

'And Gosh Darn It, They Really Like Me'

LOS ANGELES, July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- As Rush Limbaugh approaches his 18th anniversary in August as king of the talk airwaves, his ratings assure his continued rule. Heard Monday through Friday on WABC-AM, The Rush Limbaugh Show is the #1 ranked talk program in the noon - 3 p.m. ET time slot. Among Persons 12+, Mr. Limbaugh has a 4.1 share with 139,100 listeners tuning in, on average, every quarter hour. Among Adults 25-54, he has a 2.5 share with 50,600 of them tuning in, on average, every quarter hour. Al Franken, who airs at the same time on WLIB-AM, has a share of 1.8 with 61,400 listeners Persons 12+ tuning in, on average, every quarter hour. With Adults 25-54, he has a 1.7 share with a listening audience of 34,400, on average, every quarter hour. Therefore, Mr. Limbaugh's audience is more than double that of Mr. Franken's audience.

Liars...those lying liars of untruthful lieditude. Oy!

Monday, July 18, 2005

A Dialogue on Socialism

GBlagg: Good evening. It’s been awhile.

Sticks and Stones: Yes, too long. Is there something on your mind?

GBlagg: Well, yes. I have been thinking a lot lately on the idea of Socialism.

S&S: what are your thoughts on this issue?

GBlagg: I just don’t get it. I mean I understand what Socialism is, in and of itself, but I can not get my mind around why any person or group would strive for it’s implementation and undeniable ultimate outcomes.

S&S: Are you sure that this ‘person or group’ truly understands those ultimate outcomes?

GBlagg: Hmm, maybe not...

S&S: Ok, but let us not begin at the end. What is socialism? What are it’s aims?

GBlagg: To my understanding, the governmental form of Socialism is, at it’s core, an attempt at evening the playing field.

S&S: Go on.

GBlagg: To take from the productive and give to those less productive, thereby bringing an equality to the whole of society, ostensibly for the betterment of society. From each as to his ability, to each as to his need.

S&S: What can be so wrong with that? Is this not the compassionate response?

GBlagg: ‘What can be wrong with that’? How much time do you have?
But, let me answer your last question first...Compassionate? In the short run, maybe. In the long run, absolutely not.

S&S: Explain.

GBlagg: Well, since Socialism is merely one step on the pathway to Communism, it will most assuredly end in disaster.

S&S: So you believe that Socialism is related to, or as you infer, a step towards Communism.

GBlagg: This should be obvious. When Socialism becomes the reigning ideal, does it not bring with it an unnatural reliance on government?

S&S: It is your theory..go on...

GBlagg: When all aspects and needs in life are dealt out by the government through wealth taken from it’s people...the Socialist far is that from complete governmental control of all aspects of society? From property to business to religion. When a people are inured to governmental control, to the nanny state, they are open to, made ready for, the next step. Which is, of course, Communism.

S&S: I see. I ask again, ‘What can be so wrong with that?’

GBlagg: Well let me first ask your thoughts for once...

S&S: As you will.

GBlagg: What is a societies greatest aim?

S&S: Well, I could say to feed, cloth, house, and protect it’s people.

GBlagg: You could say that?

S&S: Yes, I could. But I won’t. The greatest aim of society should be to raise the character, mind, and humanity of it’s people.

GBlagg: Go on.

S&S: Man is a creature with nearly infinite possibilities. A great society knows this, respects this, strives for it. It lusts for the evolution of man. It feeds the fires in the bellies of the great. It gives opportunity to the mediocre. It prods the lowly. It rewards the constructive. These are the things that grow a society. That make it great.

GBlagg: Yes, and Socialism does none of these things. It is, at best, a slogging towards mediocrity. The great are the abused as they are the producers. Of thought, of capital, of commerce. They are beaten down through attack after attack on their achievements. Weakened financially and in spirit through the redistribution of their wealth and product. Even the property of their minds is no longer their’s alone, it is now a possession of the group. In the end, all is taken from the one to benefit the collective. Where is the reinforcement of the great in that?

S&S: Yes, where?

GBlagg: Nowhere. The great men, and the men who hope and dare to be great, are demoralized. True greatness becomes, not an asset, but a deficit. What is the point? Where is the aim? No more are ‘all men created equal’. But now ‘all men are doomed to be equal’!

S&S: Ah, yes.

GBlagg: And worse, it is not even the equality of the mediocre. It’s final outcome is to that of the lowest common denominator. The citizen who produces little or none at all finally becomes the norm. The great and the average become so demoralized that they themselves finally stop producing altogether.

S&S: But this will not happen overnight.

GBlagg: Of course not. There will always be those men of unbelievable greatness who will not be cowed. But they are few. Far too few to buoy a society. Too few to oil the wheels of production. Too few to hold back the imminent collapse. And then, the final throws of anarchy.

S&S: Again, this will not happen overnight...

GBlagg: No. But it is inevitable. The human condition makes it so.

S&S: So, you feel this outcome you speak of is explained by basic human psychology?

GBlagg: Yes, explained and determined. Through the ideals of learned behavior, positive and negative reinforcement, the ego, the family structure and it’s dynamic.

S&S: As you say. But if this is indeed so, in your words, why would ‘any person or group...strive for it’s implementation’?

GBlagg: Hmm, I think maybe I hit on part of it earlier in our dialogue. Because it seems, to that person or group, to work in the short run. And in small packages. Truly, there are Socialist programs that work well, even in America today.

S&S: Go on...

GBlagg: Much of what the Federal government is now, and was once actually implemented to do, is in a sense Socialistic. Our military, for instance. And roads. Infrastructure. Then add to that pubic schools, Social Security, welfare, Medicare, and the like.

S&S: This seems to be true. So because it works...

GBlagg: Well, it ‘works’ in some of those programs better than others. In fact, it seems to me that the Socialistic programs that have been added post Founding Fathers seem always to be in need of reform. Never able to stand on their own merits.

S&S: Let that be a discussion for another time.
But it is because these programs, let me say, seem to work, that some believe all will work.

GBlagg: I do not personally believe that they do indeed work in a productive manner, but just the same, they are now in implementation. They do in actuality exist. And if you are one who feels they truly are successful, it would be only natural to feel that other Socialistic programs would be successful as well.

S&S: So there it is...but is that all?

GBlagg: I do not understand your question...

S&S: Is this the sole reason one would ‘strive for it’s implementation’?

GBlagg: I am sure there are others..Maybe a laziness or lack of self-confidence in the pro-Socialist himself.

S&S: Explain.

GBlagg: Well, if a man or woman is lazy, Socialism is the perfect fit. It allows them to be themselves, while still feeding themselves. They can just sit back and let the government take from those who produce and bring it home to them. Their laziness is complete, as they do not even have to attempt to take from the producers themselves, as Mother government does it for them. And I would add, it is this very thought process that leads to an ‘entitlement’ culture.

S&S: Explain.

GBlagg: When, from birth, something is given to you that requires little or no effort on your part to have earned, it seems to you that the receiving of that thing is simply a ‘right’. That you are ‘entitled’ to that thing as a birthright. The more then, that is received, without any effort given or finally even expected from the receiver, the more that feeling of entitlement.

S&S: Interesting. And of those who lack self-confidence...

GBlagg: Much the same, I would say. They feel they are inferior and can not do for themselves. They fear even trying. They fear failure. They fear risk. What better from of government then, than one that in the end makes these fears a value. That caters to these fears. And the more these fears are catered to, the more imbedded they become.
How can a man gain true self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, if he is not challenged? If he does not strive? If he does not dare?

S&S: Yes, how?

Gblagg: He could play ‘Tug of Peace’...

S&S: Is this not a serious dialogue?

GBlagg: Yes, sorry. But the point is there. You, yourself said, ‘The greatest aim of society should be to raise the character, mind, and humanity of it’s people.’ I think in this discussion we have seen that Socialism, in it’s finality, does none of those things.

S&S: As you say.

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Justice GBlagg

At last, I am finally getting the recognition I so richly deserve...
President Bush gave the nation several clues Saturday about the person he will nominate for a seat on the Supreme Court, except for the most important one — a name.

Aren’t you the coy one, Mr. President. Really, you can just come out and say it...
His candidate also "will meet the highest standards of intellect, character and ability and will pledge to faithfully interpret the Constitution and laws of our country," the president said.

Well, yes, thank you sir. I am of course, all those things, good of you to notice....
”Our nation deserves, and I will select, a Supreme Court justice that Americans can be proud of," he said, without revealing the name that many are anxious to hear.

No, really, you can use my name. Hell, I’m open for a few years. Well, maybe not exactly open, but I’m sure I can adjust my schedule.
Ooh, just the thought of being able to vote on such things as eminent domain, Roe vs. Wade., affirmative action, and the like just sends shivers up my spine.
Yes, thank you Mr. President...I look forward to serving.

Friday, July 15, 2005

'Nuff Said

"My wife was not a clandestine officer the day that Bob Novak blew her identity."-Joseph Wilson
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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Know Your Enemy

BAGHDAD, Iraq — A suicide car bomb exploded next to U.S. troops handing out candy and toys, killing 18 children and teenagers Wednesday. Parents heard the shattering explosion and raced out to the discover the worst — children's mangled, bloodied bodies strewn on the street.

Up to 27 people were killed by the blast in the Shiite Muslim neighborhood, including an American soldier. At least 70 people were injured, a newborn and three U.S. soldiers among them.
Children's slippers lay piled near the blast crater not far from a crumbled child's bicycle as blood pooled in the street.

Twelve of the dead were 13 or younger and six were between 14 and 17, said police Lt. Mohammed Jassim Jabr. Among the wounded was 4-day-old Miriam Jabber, cut slightly by flying glass and debris.

Un-Fucking believable.
Any of you useless, baby killer loving, Leftists wish to respond to this? Bring your supposed 'compassion'. And your arguments about Guantanamo. And you attacks on Karl Rove. And your hatred for Bush.
Then think about bloodied bodies and baby parts.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Progressive Theocracy

I have done it. Finally. I have unlocked the deadbolt, protecting the room, where the answer of how to get the Liberals behind the War on Terror, lies.
What is it that your friendly neighborhood Mooonbat fears more than anything else? What paranoid, the sky is falling, issue is at the center of the Bush hatred so rampant in that community? What is truly the greatest fear of the Narcissist Secularist?
A theocracy, of course! It has been there all along. The key is theocracy.
A Lib simply needs to understand that to lose this war means his very demise. Not necessarily a physical death, but surely the fatality of her agenda.
If the Islamic terrorists win, there will be a theocracy. Though not the kind he fears. Not a Christian theocracy or a Jewish one, but one that will be at odds with literally every single issue she holds dear.
Forget Gay Marriage...hard to get married when you’re dead.
Say good-bye to Roe vs. Wade. And hello to ‘honor killings’. Hello to burkas. Hello to clitoral circumcision.
Anti-religious rhetoric is out the window. As are those who argue the same. Literally.
E.R.A.? Yes, if you mean equal to dogs. But no more working or careers(but then no glass ceiling either. More likely it would be mud or at best adobe). And no drivers licenses. No voting. No Oprah. Or Cosmo. And surely no low rise jeans.
N.O.W.? No!
More money for public schools? Nope, Drachmas for Madrassas.
National health care? Ha, you infidel, Allah will cure you. If it His wish.
We don’t even need to look at pacifism here, do we?
Or sex-ed?
Condoms in schools?
Or minimum wage?
But what of prisoner rights and torture, surely there will be that? Now that you mention it...Yes, of course prisoners will have the right to be tortured.
How about stem cell research? Absolutely. You will be able to research your very own stem cells, held in front of you as your infidel blood fills the street.
But what of ‘compassion’, we exist for ‘compassion’. Allah is all compassionate, you can ask him yourself in one more moment...if you’ll just stop squirming.
Ah, the theocracy of the Progressive. Sounds like a return to the Garden to me. A heaven on Earth. So unlike the threat of the Judeo-Christian America he so fears today.
That’s enough for now. Got to go. I’m late for the afternoon prayer.

Monday, July 11, 2005


This is going to be another of those posts whose blame lies squarely on the shoulders of Cracker. He not only is the mastermind of nearly all the evil in this world, he is also responsible for forcefully coercing me into listening to Air America. You know Air America, that dark bile filled belly pit of radio. Where humor, information, and entertainment are swallowed, digested, and processed. Pushed forth through the Leftist gut of feelings, into the Liberal bowel of inanity, and finally spewed out as the fecal matter that passes for thought from the Progressive body politic.
Recently on The Jerry Springer Show(not the one where ignorant people act like idiots and spout stupidity, making fools of themselves in front of a national audience, but...Hold on, it is that one!) a caller called in stating that the Iraq war was taking up resources badly needed to fight the true War on Terror. That America is a less safe place due to this fact. That if all our soldiers were removed from Iraq, they could be used more effectively in the War on Terror.
I have heard this argument more than once from the Leftist community. No, not as much as the words ‘Halliburton’, ‘quagmire’, or ‘Bush lied’, but surely more than once. So let us look a little closer at what this statement actually means. And more importantly its implications and its obvious outcomes.
Beyond the fact that removing our troops from Iraq would basically be ceding victory to the terrorists, thus emboldening them for any future endeavors their black little hearts can envision; there are other more intrinsic questions raised by this callers statements. Like how exactly he would envision, then, using those available troops.
Would he use them to attack terrorist strongholds throughout the world? Strongholds in Iran, Pakistan, and Palestine for instance? How exactly would the US go about sending American troops into other countries territories? Would it be with or without the sanction of those governments? And even if the governments of those countries allowed it, which is doubtful, how would ‘the Arab street’ in those countries react?
Or maybe that wasn’t exactly what the caller had in his mind, if he had anything in there at all. Maybe, instead, he would want us to go after the actual countries involved in the backing of terror. Surely, then he must mean we should declare war on countries such as Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, etc. But I doubt it.
So what does he mean?
Maybe the words of another caller, later on the same show, will clear things up. This brain surgeon(I am only guessing here that he was a brain surgeon, as he gave me a headache and left me in stitches) stated that instead of wasting our money on the war in Iraq, we should be putting it toward the funding of first responders. First responders?
That is when it kicked in. These callers, and most Liberals for that matter, have this one thing in common. They do not come right out and say it, but the meaning shines through just the same. It is exactly the difference in the way in which the Right and the Left would fight this war.
It is Offense versus Defense.
So here it is, the Left would have us sit back and wait for an attack. But that is OK, because at least we would have fully funded the first responders and it would be so much easier to clean up the mess. They would rather our military be used to scrape up American body parts, than to take the fight to the terrorists themselves. The idea of an offensive war is so alien to their ‘compassionate’ mind set, they would rather wait for an attack...hoping against hope that they and theirs are not injured or killed...than mount a preemptive assault on the murderous Islamo-fascists.
These are not thoughts and insights that will make us safer. They are the beliefs of the fearful. The feelings of cowards. The doctrines of those who have already ceded the fight to evil.
But evil is not sated by appeasement. It never has been. It thrives on it. Feeds on it. Hiding your head in the sand and waiting for disaster are the actions of those who have already lost. Already surrendered.
I was asked this weekend at a party, while discussing the issue of our men and women in Iraq, ‘When is enough, enough?’
What I answered is what every freedom loving human should answer when asked such a thing. What every serious person must understand about the truth in fighting terrorism. What those who truly want a free and safe world for their children and their children’s children must stand up and shout.
‘When is enough, enough?’

Postscript...Remember, Cracker is solely responsible for the thoughts and ideas of this post, so any comments from pacifist socialist tree huggers should be addressed to him. However, any comments from right minded Americans agreeing with these thoughts and ideas, I will freely accept and applaud. Lastly, defense wins Super Bowls. It does not save lives.

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Roger Waters-Pink Floyd, The Gunners Dream

Here are the lyrics to The Gunners Dream by Pink Floyd . They really hit home after the viscious attacks of last week. Odd, that these words come from a socialist pacifist, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

The Gunners Dream

floating down through the clouds
memories come rushing up to meet me now
in the space between the heavens
and in the corner of some foreign field
i had a dream
i had a dream
goodbye max
goodbye ma
after the service when you're walking slowly to the car
and the silver in her hair shines in the cold november air
you hear the tolling bell
and touch the silk in your lapel
and as the tear drops rise to meet the comfort of the band
you take her frail hand
and hold on to the dream
a place to stay
enough to eat
somewhere old heroes shuffle safely down the street
where you can speak out loud
about your doubts and fears
and what's more no-one ever disappears
you never hear their standard issue kicking in your door
you can relax on both sides of the tracks
and maniacs don't blow holes in bandsmen by remote control
and everyone has recourse to the law
and no-one kills the children anymore
and no-one kills the children anymorenight after night
going round and round my brain
his dream is driving me insane
in the corner of some foreign field
the gunner sleeps tonight
what's done is done
we cannot just write off his final scene
take heed of the dream
take heed

Friday, July 08, 2005

Emotion vs. Logic

I am not in this post, for once I admit, going to attack the Left and their looney ideas...oops, just can’t help myself I guess. Instead, I intend to look at certain issues and point out the two major reactions to each. These reactions will be labeled as: 1) Emotional, and 2) Logical.
If you are a Leftist Commie or a Progressive Socialist and you, for whatever reason, see yourself or your views in the Emotional reaction, please believe no insult is intended. It is, of course, in actuality intended, but please at least believe it is not.
So here we go...
The issue of terrorism has once again exploded to the forefront of international dialogue. Terrorism is the great evil, the Olympian struggle, of our time. Even most Lefties will not argue this. Well, some may argue that it is in actuality America herself that poses the greatest danger. But let us, for the moment at least, act as if this is not their true belief.
So what to do about terrorism?
How are we to face the fear that is the threat of terrorism?
Well, we could face it Emotionally, and thus allow it to succeed. We could live our lives in fear. Hide from the reality of the threat.
We could attempt to appease and pacify our enemies, feeling our concessions would surely end the fight. Relieving our fears in the present and naively hoping for a more peaceful future. We could do these things, we could ask how we feel.
Or we could act Logically.
We could face the truth of the enemy we fight. Understand that it is our culture and the fact that we will not walk lock step to Islam that is the root of their hatred. Not Guantanamo, not Iraq, but ourselves. Understand our choices are to become Muslim, fight, or die.
And understand one must face terror with anger, steadfastness, and an unwavering will.
Terrorism does not end with appeasement, it thrives on it. It feeds on weakness. Inaction is weakness. Concessions, weakness. Hiding our heads on the sand, weakness. Terrorists rely on weakness and are emboldened by it.
If a bully is not faced, he does not quit bullying. If given a quarter, he remembers his prey. This day and the next.
The logical mind knows these things. It learns from experience. And it remembers to ask, ‘What is my experience?’
So what is next in our investigation? How about poverty?
The Emotional response to poverty, again is to ask, ‘How does poverty make me feel?’ Of course, the answer is, ‘Bad’. And how do I feel better?
By throwing money at the problem. By statements such as...‘That man is poor, he just needs more money’. ‘We need more government programs to cure this terrible problem’. ‘Only Mother Government can save those poor souls’. “We will throw a concert, mount a protest!’
Of course, after the hysterics and the tax hikes the Emotional person feels better...personally.
But the Logical response to poverty is to look to history. To look at experience.
The welfare state has been around for decades. Yet poverty remains. Does it make sense, then, to keep trying to fix the problem with more money?
The Logical mind sees money is not the solution. To give a poor man money without changing the very thing that keeps him poor in the first places give you what? The same poor man, broke again at the end of the week.
The cure is personal change. A lust for knowledge. Individual drive. The power of will. Ceasing those actions that keep one poor. Doing those things that bring one wealth. Can government dictate any of these things? No. But that person can.
This is the Logical response.
Next, let us look at the embarrassing state of government schools. You know, that money hole of ever declining test scores.
The Emotional reaction is to ask, ‘What do I feel?’ ‘We need to pump more money in, of course’. ‘There just aren’t enough teachers’. ‘Classes are too large’. ‘A computer for every student, that will do it!’ ‘Or college-like sprawling campuses’. ‘Our children are not lazy, George Bush is starving their intellectual hunger!’
Now the Logical reaction. Why are the scores so low? How can we do better? Is money the only solution?
What is my experience?
Let’s see, what is it that most causes progress? Hmmm...In corporate , defense, and technical fields it often times is competition. Competition, could it work in schools? Well, government schools surely are a monopoly, and monopolies often breed stagnation. But competition, in contrast, brings with it innovation, evolution, cost-cutting. So maybe competition is just the thing. Maybe school vouchers?
Lastly, let us look at the issue of Social Security. How do we fix it? Should we fix it? Is it even broken?
The Emotional reaction, as always 'What do I feel?' And the answer as it often is, is Fear. ‘I am afraid I will lose my retirement security’. ‘I am afraid to take personal responsibility for my own retirement’. ‘I am afraid of the markets’. ‘I fear George Bush and his cronies on Wall Street will steal my money’. “I am afraid of life’.
And thus it is fear that causes the denial of the problem that is Social Security as it is now constructed. The denial of it’s present predicament, it’s future disaster. The denial that the program has really been doomed from it's very onset. Fear causes denial, denial promises safety, until...disaster.
And the Logical reaction-What is my experience?
‘I want my money to be there when I retire. The present system promises me nothing. How do I assure my money will be there?’
By looking at the facts.
By admitting there is a problem. It does no good to ignore problems. They rarely improve by ignoring them.
And then, of course, by action.
It is Logical to deem that Mother Government can not spend(or save for that matter) our money better than we, ourselves. Experience has shown us this. Then why should we allow her to snatch our money under the behest of keeping it safe for us for our retirements, when we can do much better ourselves? We shouldn’t. And I know if I had the power, I wouldn’t. It is illogical.
And since I do not indeed possess such power. The power to protect my own paycheck, what else can I really do?
Well, I can at least get an account with my actual name on it. An account that is mine and cannot be pilfered by some unnamed politician, for a statue... of a walrus... in Nome. Or some other such petty tripe. At least cede me this.
So there we have it...
What do I feel? What is my experience? The Right or the Left. Conservative or Progressive. Emotion or Logic. The choices are there, the answers are yours.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005


I am nothing if not a student of the human condition.
I was born among them and have lived my entire life within their sphere of their influence. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one. That is not true, instead, I wonder if I am among an elite few.
Because it often seems to me that a large percentage-read Lefties-of our society has no idea what the motivations, wants, and needs of the human truly are.
They ignore the basic human want of better for one’s self and one’s family. This is how they can lust for communism and hunger for socialism.
They dismiss the inborn human need of the mystic. It’s unquestioned end only leads them to self-awareness and personal responsibility. It is a brick wall of truth standing in the way of moral relativism. They will have not of that. Denial is, instead, a warm safe place.
But this post is not about those things, it is about the idea of ‘investment’.
‘Investment’, I define as the amount of thought, emotion, energy, and time an individual puts into an ideal, a person, or a thing. ‘Investment’ is as basic to the human mind as the ability to compartmentalize and organize. It is how we connect to/with things. It spells out for us how much importance we ‘invest’ in any idea or thing. In the end, it is those things in which we ‘invest’ or choose not to ‘invest’ that show ourselves and others who we actually are, or at least who we wish to be.
A mother invests in a child, a philosopher an idea, a CEO a corporate plan. We invest in hobbies, music and art, ideas, friends and enemies, and yes-politics.
It is the connection we humans have to everything, but of course there is a ‘dark side’. And that ‘dark side’ is seen when we ‘invest’ in a lie, or an evil person, or a bad habit, or a negative lifestyle.
When one has invested in such a ‘dark side’ of ‘investment’, the amount of damage can be extreme. When one puts their thoughts, time, expectations, and even love into what turns out to be a lie, it is nearly impossible to unwind from that trap. The ‘investment’ itself holds one tight. It takes an uncommonly great person to admit they are wrong when something they have invested in turns out to be negative. Most merely deny the truth and rationalize instead. Many strike out at the messenger of truth. A few lose whatever slight hold they had on sanity to begin with.
And this brings me to the attack on London. And to the idea that I am sure will soon sweep through the halls and havens of the Left. It is the idea of appeasement. The feeling that ceding to the whims of the terrorists will end their hatred of The Great Satan. That leaving Iraq will not embolden the baby killers, but instead win their understanding and love.
It is a lie. And has been proven to be so again and again.
They attack we give in. They are emboldened by the acquiescence, they attack again. We give in...and so on and so on.
The attacks on London and the bombing in Spain are directly connected. There is no denying that fact.
Unless one is ‘invested’. ‘Invested’ in the idea that the be-headers can be appeased. ‘Invested’ in the thought that evil can be ignored. “Invested’ in the feeling that if one does not face evil, then it does not really exist. This is the ‘dark side’ of investment. This is the failing of the Left.
I explained before that it takes a great man to shed the binds of investment and face what is the truth, but there is another way. It is from a major shock. From a powerful jolt straight to the core of a person. There are a few, I am sure, who will be affected in just this way. Too few though, I am afraid.
In closing, I ask those who have had the patience to read this far to try to release the ego of ‘investment’ that binds the mind, and be open for what is true.
And what is true here is that we are at war. At war with those who would kill us. Kill us for our beliefs. Kill us for our lifestyles. Kill us for our property. Yes, kill us for the very things we ‘invest’ in everyday.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Back to Bizarro World

I have just returned from a week long adventure in the great pristine North. It is within those endless pines, umbrella skies, and glacial lakes where I yearly remind myself of just how little one truly needs in order to survive on this galactic space ship that we all share. It really brings into focus for me what is true, what is real. How hard work is what it actually takes to survive. And good planning. Preparedness. Mindful attention. An eye to the future. And surely still an ear to the present.
In truth, my adventures into the wilderness are the very things that make me a Conservative. They mold my mind and body. They make keen my awareness of my attitudes and beliefs. They remind me, oh so clearly, of a past where man was a part of nature, not apart from it. They instill in me a need to protect what is, now. To preserve what I must. To save what I can. Truly, to ‘conserve’. In short, my all too abbreviated connection with the Earth restores in me my true connection to the Earth and thus bolsters the Conservative in me.
This is what is true to me. What is real.
But then I come home to what seems to my Conservative mind must surely be insanity. It is a world upside down, and inside out. It does not run on logic, or on any of the rules that seem to guide the Universe. It is madness. It is Bizarro World.

From The San Francisco Chronicle :

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that local governments can force property owners to sell out and make way for private economic development when officials decide it would benefit the public, even if the property is not blighted, and the new project's success is not guaranteed.

I have blogged before on the issue of eminent domain and property rights here, here, and here. It is one of those issues that just really tears me up to my very core. My God, when you buy something it should damn well be yours. And a thing is surely not yours if a person or entity can take it from you without your full, informed consent. The compensation offered matters little if your choice to sell is forcefully coerced. Who would sell a child for a million dollars to a slave trader? I’m sure the slaver would feel his offer fair and just compensation.
What we are talking about here is theft...plain and simple. It does not really matter the compensation for, or the final use of, the land. Neither justifies the act of theft. Of forced expropriation.
What it shows at its basic core is that you do not own your home and land, you merely rent it. From Mother Government. And that when she wants it, for what ever petty, self serving reason, she will take it.
There is no right we as Americans share that is more important to our freedom than that of property rights. None. Not freedom of speech...words dissolve into air and time, yet property remains. Not freedom of practice where, at a government owned church? Freedom to own a gun? To protect what? Shoot, just throw out the Third Amendment altogether. It’s the government’s land, it can quarter whomever, whenever it pleases.
This is an attack at the very heart of what it is to be American. It is an issue that crosses party lines. Odd that so many everyday Americans understand this while five, black robed ex-lawyers just don’t seem to get it.

And this Bizarro comment from NBC’s Mr. Brian Williams, found @ :

What would it all matter if proven true? Someone brought up today the first several U.S. presidents were certainly revolutionaries and might have been called 'terrorists' by the British crown, after all.

Another in depth insight from one of the MSM’s beloved talking heads. Did those ‘first several presidents’ target civilians in the Revolutionary War, Mr. Williams? One of us missed that day in history class. I’m betting it was you.
And wouldn’t it be more P.C., dear Brian, to call George Washington an ‘insurgent’? Or do you save that term for be-headers and baby killers?

And I would be remiss without at least one Bizarro comment from my favorite Dick, found @
“I'm hoping the American president understands how the American people view the Supreme Court," Durbin said. "It is also an institution which Americans demand be nonpolitical. We now have a political balance in Washington that has shifted in one direction. We want to make sure the Supreme Court is a balanced court politically, [that] it doesn't go too far one way or another.”

Hey Dick, you still waiting for that whole evolution thing to kick in? ‘Cuz it seems you have the brain of a monkey. And he wants it back.
I think the president ‘understands how the American people view the Supreme Court’ perfectly well, thank you Dick. So why don’t you just come out and say what you really mean, ‘Please, oh leader of the terrorist Nazi regime, don’t pick a political candidate...unless, of course, it is a Liberal one’.
My dislike of everything that is ‘Dick Durbin’ isn’t peeking through is it. Well, good! The very fact that he is a United States senator, and not a mere minority member of the Politburo, proves the existence of Bizarro World more than any words I could ever hope to pen to paper.

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