Friday, April 21, 2006

One Piece in the Puzzle of Hate

Surprise. We live in dangerous and serious times.
The rising sun of China and the simmering threat to Taiwan. The Iran nuclear threat. Genocide in Sudan. Global Islamic terror. Unhindered movement of arms from the former SSRs. Unchecked illegal immigration. Sexual slavery. Insane petty tyrants. Raging oil prices. Environmental devastation. The looming collapse of Social Security and Medicare. Rampant obesity. The Bird Flu. AIDS. Mumps. Cancer. E.D.. The scourge of crows feet. Stubborn belly fat.
Oh yes, we live in dangerous and serious times.
But in all truth, they are not such special times.
The world is a dangerous place. Always has been.
And that fact is literally driving the Left insane.
Let me explain. (Please excuse the Leftist mind frame)
There was a time, not so many years ago, when life was nearly perfect. Free love and free sex, sit-ins and drop-outs, turn-ons and tune-outs. A time when peace could save the world. Where no man was evil, only misunderstood. When ‘the man’ was the greatest threat to a decent life and anti-establishment the proper recourse. Patriarchy finally teetered toward terminal collapse. Camelot claimed the White House. And all the Heavens and Earth shone with a hazy warm humming soft glow.
But then came Viet Nam. The death of innocence in Dallas. And the darkness of Nixon. The Cold War. The American hostages. The implosion of Communism. Reagan and AIDS.
These were dark times. Surely dark enough to make any right thinking Liberal question his deepest held beliefs.
Could the world really be such a dangerous place? Maybe peace hasn’t always been the answer. Might evil, in fact, exist? Can all our presumptions have been based simply in a childlike naivete? Can this be what it means to grow up?
Ahh, but just then there were the Clinton years. A return to Camelot and our first black President. A booming economy. The rebirth of compassion. A world again finally safe and secure. Clear sparkling water and the freshest of air. America again shining and pure. Peace blossomed anew. Our future so bright we had to wear shades.
...Bush stole the 2000 election.
And with him brought September 11th and the resurfacing reality of a dangerous world. The creeping return of fear, worry, hatred, and dread. His illegal presidency bursting our bubbles of safety and tech stocks. The world hated us and deservedly so. We became racists, homophobes, profilers, and killers. Life more and more seemed uncertain, hard, and treacherous. It seemed like we were on our own. Our civil rights dropping like White Cross at Woodstock to a messianic empire building fascist fool.
For all this he will be surely made to pay.
Pay with jabs at his character. Insults to his intelligence. Questions regarding his motivations. Attacks on his policies. Lies about his past.
Evil walks the Earth now in the guise of an American administration and any degradation is righteously offered and surely well founded.

So this, then, is where the true schism begins in the mind of the Leftist.
If Bush is truly evil, then evil must truly exist. If he is to be blamed for all these wrongs in the world, then the world must be chock full of wrongs. If he can cause so many to hate America, then the world must surely be a dangerous place. If so many here who profess peace and love, abhor and wish the worst for him, then peace and love are mere words. Freed from all meaning.
It gets worse.
If these things are indeed true, then the ideas formed and actions taken during the time many on the anti-establishment Left consider the most meaningful of their lives end as nothing but lies and youthful delusion. The sixties then were just childish self-masturbation. Wasted brain cells. And wasted time. The importance with which they have seeded this time in American history, and their part in it, simply more self-deception.
Truths the immature mind takes no great pleasure in accepting.
This self-discovery leads then to even more hatred and bile directed toward the object which forced it to the surface in the first place. Anger and repression do a two-step in the Leftist mind. And lashing out, then, is never far behind.
Thus the circle of attacks and self awareness begin again. Playing out in a spiral towards insanity.
Yes, we live in dangerous and serious times.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

More Media Distortion

I have little to no respect for what passes as journalism and media in this country. Even with that in mind, every day it seems, I am shown how much I obviously overestimate their honor, intelligence, truthfulness, and diligence.
Rush calls them the ‘Drive-by Media’.
But I think things are worse even than that. Most so called journalist are painfully under educated as to the substance of the stories they cover. But worse still are those whose ideology blurs the lines of ethics and infects their work with wink-wink half truths or even outright lies.
Today in The Chicago Sun-Times
was the perfect example of the latter.
Zay Smith, an obvious Leftist and ‘writer’ of the QT section, crossed the line from ideological opinion into downright deception with this line...

Capitol gains
News Item: Vice President Dick Cheney receives $1.9 million tax refund.

Is the statement true? Well, yes it is.
But does it tell the whole story? Or is it made merely to anger those who hate Mr. Cheney and believe the rich love nothing more than to cheat on their taxes?Does it give all the facts? Or is it simply another Bush hater using his to pulpit smear the administration through distortion and half-truths?
Here is the rest of the story from The Wichita Eagle,
a newspaper a tad more interested in telling the whole truth.
The Cheneys reported adjusted gross income of nearly $8.82 million.
The Cheneys donated about $6.87 million to charity from stock options and royalties earned on Lynne Cheney's books.
After subtracting the charitable contributions, the Cheneys' income was $1.95 million on which they owed $529,636 in taxes, according to a statement released by Cheney's office.
Since the Cheneys paid $2.46 million in withholding and estimated taxes over the year, they were entitled to a refund of about $1.93 million.

So, was Mr. Smith’s one-liner the work of an ethical journalist interested in uncovering the truth?
You can be the judge.
And then e-mail Mr. Smith at and let him know what you think of the honor and integrity he so obviously feels for and instills in his so called ‘work’.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Illegal Immigration with Pancho the Alien

For those unaware, I have an expert.
Whenever a subject is too big for my tiny human mind to comprehend, it is to him that I turn for clarity. His name is Pancho. He is from the planet Morlo, the eighth planet in the Sagittariun system.

S&S: Hello, Pancho.
Pancho: And hello to you as well. I was just idling my time watching this Jerry Springer Show.
S&S: Uh huh...
Pancho: He was talking to a four hundred pound Rastafari lesbian who feels her trans-gendered daughter dresses too sexy.
S&S: Not surprising, I guess.
Pancho: You humans are one sick demented species.
S&S: Whoa there, Pancho. The Jerry Springer Show is not serious. I think it’s supposed to be some kind of dark low brow attempt at humor.
Pancho: Whew, I was worried there for a minute. I thought some of you humans actually take this guy seriously.
S&S: I, on the other hand, called you here to discuss a truly serious subject.
Pancho: By all means...
S&S: I’m not sure how things are on Morlo, but we here on Earth are split up into communities we call countries. Each country is a separate entity unto itself with well defined borders. I am an American as I reside in the country known as America.
Pancho: All this is extremely interesting, in fact I’m standing on the edge of my seat.
S&S: That’s ‘sitting’. You’re ‘sitting edge of your seat’.
Pancho: Really? How can you tell...we Morlons have no asses.
S&S: Whatever. I brought you here to discuss illegal immigration. America is being invaded by people from other countries swarming across our Southern border.
Pancho: Ah, we Morlons have dealt with much the same problem. For centuries Morlo has been invaded by an alien race we call Mexians. Not all at once and not through armed conflict, but slowly and steadily for ages.
S&S: Yes. This is the problem here, as well. Illegals by the thousands pour into our country, using our social services and paying little in return.
Pancho: Yes, the aliens on Morlon seem much the same. It has gotten so bad, in fact, The Bureau of Panderization has had to issue an edict that all Morlons must do their own yard work and wash their own dishes.
S&S: Oh my. One of the selling points from those who are pro-illegal immigrant in America is that these people will do work Americans won’t.
Pancho: And on Morlon, as well. Past this, the Mexians have become a powerful political force. They are using both Morlon parties against each other in order to gain legal status and rights. There is little either can do...they’re hands are tried.
S&S: ‘Tied’. They are ‘tied’!
Pancho: That’s what I said, neither can get the upper hand. And we Morlons don’t even have hands.
S&S: OK, you win. But I brought you here to help. It seems you Morlons have much the same problem as we here in America. What is your advice?
Pancho: Well, let me start by stating that this problem goes deeper than you can even imagine. On Morlon the Mexians not only take our jobs, but they maneuver themselves into our culture, becoming a necessary part of our economy. They work cheaper than the average Morlon and often harder, as well. Many own property, have mortgages, and are raising their alien offspring on Morlon.
S&S: Go on.
Pancho: To have used The Galactic Federation’s Department of Unionized Alien Repatriotization to round them up and remove them would have been a costly endeavor. Not even looking at the damage to the Morlon economy and banking system.
S&S: So what did you do?
Pancho: We decided to erect a force field around the entire planet.
S&S: Ah, so you cured the problem?
Pancho: Not so fast, don’t jump the spark.
S&S: ‘Shark’, you moron! ‘Shark’!
Pancho: Where? Does it have a lazer beam attached to its head?
S&S: Enough! Your grasp of the English language leaves something to be desired.
Pancho: Not surprising. As English is the fourteenth most difficult language in the entire Galaxy. Just one behind the United States tax code.
S&S: Amen.
Pancho: So we were going to build a force field. That is, until the ICLU stepped in.
S&S: Ok, I’ll bite. The ICLU?
Pancho: Yes the Intergalactic Civil Liberties Union. They threatened to sue over whether it was a violation of Mexian rights to close of Morlo from their illegal immigration. And the Morlon press began calling decent Morlons bigots for simply wanting their planet protected. It was a mess.
S&S: So with such inherent seemingly insurmountable difficulties, what did your people finally do?
Pancho: Ahem...I’m 3'2", with six arms, a spring for a leg, and a trunk growing out of my anus. Let’s just say, I didn’t come to Earth for my health.
S&S: Well said. Do I pay you with a check or cash?
Pancho: Why cash, of course.

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