Thursday, September 30, 2004

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Open Letter to CBS(The Republicans are at it Again)

To: CBS News
Attn: Mr. Dan Rather
From: Deep Throat

Dear Mr. Rather,

Some powerful and somewhat controversial information has come to my attention that I wish to forward to you to do with as you please (keeping in mind of course the election is mere weeks away).
I have no definite proof of its authenticity, but I’m fairly sure I saw it once on some web site somewhere or other…I think. This being the case I have complete faith in the genuineness of what follows.

“A secret covert meeting was held today between George W. Bush and Alan Greenspan on the Bush’s sprawling mansion grounds in Crockett, Texas.
It has been learned by this reporter that the topic of discussion was the sacking of the Social Security Trust Fund.
Mr. Bush, raving and adamant, spent the first 10 minutes of the meeting demanding Mr. Greenspan develop a plan to ‘degovernmentalize’ the fund. That the fund was in such dire financial straits that the best thing to do with it was return the monies remaining to those higher income persons who’d paid into it.
Mr. Greenspan replied, in his upper middle class white man way, that the only way to save the fund was to raise the age of benefits to 83 (by some coincidence this also happens to be Mr. Greenspan’s age). He also put forth a policy of making the recipient of any benefits responsible for sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to the fund manager in order to receive their benefits. Mr. Bush seemed cool to these ideas but really warmed to the idea of having a height restriction. Mr. Greenspan figured a slot limit of shorter than 4’ and taller than 8’ would be doable.
Mr. Bush replied, “Ooh, you mean like a bass..he he he…now that’s some strategery.!”
This reporter was unable to get information on the remaining portion of the meeting but did talk to Max Cleeland who was camped out at the gates of the estate. He stated that he had proof George Bush was intending on draining the Social Security Trust fund dry and that he would ‘hold him personally responsible for the starvation of the elderly in this great country.’”

I am aware that there may be some questions to the factuality of this story, but I do believe it brings up some valid points, which Mr. Bush must be forced to answer to. I am putting my reputation on the line for this story, so I believe Mr. Rather, that you must go forward with it.


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Interesting quote

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasure. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's great civilizations has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through the following sequence: from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependency, from dependency back to bondage."
Alexander Tyler

The Denial of Evil

The denial of evil may be the single most dangerous action of the liberal mindset. Many, I believe, have come to only acknowledge evil as it exists on the movie screen. Sure Hannibal Lechter is evil, but he isn’t real. Although if he was real, I promise you, there would be someone somewhere who would be looking for what caused him to act in such an uncivilized way….’he must have been molested as a child,’ they’d say.
“Hate the sin, not the sinner,” I’ve heard that said a few too many times. If we absolve the perpetrator of his evil actions then we don’t have to face the evil in him. If we can find some rationalization for his actions, no matter how inane, it let’s us off the hook. We don’t have to feel fear. He’s human just like us and can be reasoned with.
But that’s bull.
Evil is real.
Evil is in the man who acts upon his whims, lusts, and wants when others will most assuredly be injured by those same actions. He has no empathy for you or your family…he wants what he wants now and you may be in his way. Drug addicts and rapists are evil. Maybe not Satan evil. But evil.
Evil is in a religion that lies and kills to keep it’s power over it’s followers. And evil is in those followers that are too afraid to face that truth. And evil is in those who may not follow but sanction through inaction.
Evil is in the mind that can rationalize any bad behavior. And in the mind of those who’d look away.
Evil is everywhere…sometimes small but too often huge. It grows larger, not smaller, when we do not stand up to it. It feeds off inaction, denial, concessions. We will never kill it, but we can and we must fight it. We must admit it is real and act accordingly, personally and globally. We deny it’s existence at our own peril and the peril of our loved ones.
We, the Good, must fight the Evil. For when we don’t we become evil as well.

Friday, September 24, 2004

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Interesting Quote

Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev said of Roosevelt's "New Deal" paradigm shift, "We can't expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have communism."

Some Thoughts on Control

Control. A powerful word with powerful connotations. Control, in fact, when surrendered transfers power from one’s self to another; sometimes with dire consequences. Webster’s II New Riverside dictionary defines control as: ‘To exercise dominating influence or authority over.’ I believe, we as a society need to begin to decide in our minds and with our votes just who should have control over our lives. The issues before us and our leaders at this time demand this decision. Control issues involve such things as health care, social security, school vouchers, tax rebates, as well as many others. We must decide who has the control over these areas of our own lives and act and vote accordingly.
Health care, or to be more accurate, socialized health care is a hot topic in this country right now. But before we as a people rush to adopt such a plan, I believe we need to look at the long-term affects of this program. In Canada, socialized health care has led to long delays in treatment, the loss of quality medical care, the loss of qualified doctors to the U.S., and the loss of a patient’s choice of doctor. The control we now enjoy over our medical care and care providers would be turned over to a government employee. Our control over finding the most qualified doctor would be lost, as many doctors would just relocate to where they could earn a decent living, not just a government salary. We would surrender our control over one of the most vital aspects of our lives to an uncaring government.
There are those who become nervous, agitated, and irritated when the subject of privatizing social security is raised. It seems curious to me that anyone, with the social security system in its current state, would advocate leaving his/her contributions in the hands of the government. Has control over one’s own money become a Jurassic ideal in our present system? I, personally, am quite sure I could gain a much higher return on my money than that I could expect from our government run Social Security system. Some have raised questions regarding those who could not or would not invest their own portion; to that I say let those persons stay in their Social Security rolls and continue as they do now. However, for those of us who wish to have control over our own money…why wouldn’t any freedom loving government allow it? The answer, of course, is control. When your government controls your property, i.e. your money, it controls you.
Another area where we lack personal control is that of schooling. Whether you are a CEO or a family living from check to check, I believe you should desire, expect, and receive, the best education for your child. Unfortunately, our education system has become stagnant. There is no need, no impetus, to improve the system we have now, as there is no real competition. This is where the idea of vouchers comes in to play. If each parent had the ability to send his or her children to the best schools, not just those in the neighborhood, then competition alone would cause a rise in the quality of schooling; not just for the rich, but for all children. Basic economics…competition brings quality. In this case, the simple act of exerting control over where and by whom our children are to be educated would actually make for better schools for all.
Next on the list is the idea of tax refunds. In actuality the term ‘tax refund’ is just a euphemism as one is really merely keeping more of one’s own money. Obviously, when a person keeps more of his own money he then has personal control over his own money. One must ask themselves this: Would the government or I spend my money more wisely? I think you know the answer, but here are just two examples of the government’s fiscal competence…a half billion-dollar Millennium Park in Chicago and $500 space shuttle toilets. Control over how one’s money is spent is easier when it is still in one’s own pocket.
Further still is the idea of a National Sales Tax. Ending the income tax, the IRS, Medicare, Social Security and only paying a single tax on all new purchases. This would end all talk of socialism, as every person would then have control of how much tax he/she pays by how much he/she purchases.
There are many more issues where control and the loss of it play roles in our society. We need to start recognizing them and wrenching that control from the government and back into the hands of ‘we the people.’ We must not be willing to cede the control over our lives to our government. As unfortunate peoples of the past have come to realize only too late, when one relinquishes control governments by and large are usually more than happy to take it. When it comes right down to it our personal control is truly our freedom, and freedom should be important to every one of us.

Demand Your Rights II

(A little recap…as you may remember I have a neighbor with just wonderful tomatoes. Mine however are not up to such high standards and thought it was unfair for him to keep all these miracles to himself. I then wrote my congressmen demanding they write a law to take his tomatoes from him and spread them around to those of us more unfortunate.)

And it came to pass…the “Tomato Law” that is. In this case the squeaky wheel(barrow) did get the oil. Sure there was some question about the constitutionality of it, but the 9th District Court of Appeals of California took care of that and away we went. I have to say I was almost giddy with anticipation just sitting there on my Lazy Boy and waiting for my delicious bounty to be delivered to my front door.
It was then I heard a disturbance coming from the area of my back yard. I went to investigate and found my neighbor standing in his garden going to town with a dangerous looking hatchet. One after another his beautiful tomato plants were being torn to shreds.
“What in the world are you doing?” I asked.
“Well, I’ll be darned if I’m going to let the government come on to my property, take all my tomatoes, and give them to some lazy lay abouts!” he replied.
He continued this devastation until every single one of his plants was destroyed.
Stunned, I retreated to the safety of my home where upon entering the rear door heard a tumult coming from the front. I hurried to the entry door to find three ATF agents, armed with weapons straight from some Assault Weapons Ban nightmare, pounding on it like I was wanted for murder. They said they had come to take my tomatoes as per the newly enacted law. They obviously saw the look of puzzlement on my face as another man with the letters IVS (I took to mean Internal Vegetable Service) stepped forward. He handed me a document signed by a judge authorizing him to seize MY tomato plants for future dissemination. I was staggered…then it hit me that with my neighbors tomatoes destroyed they had come for mine. THIS WOULD NOT STAND!
If you guessed that I sat right down and wrote my congressmen you win the prize. I demanded this law be repealed as it targeted the little man and THAT IS UNAMERICAN!
Days went by as I awaited the replies and sure enough they came. My Republican senator quipped something about personal responsibility and the law of unintended consequences and that he was putting my name on some list or other. However, my Democrat Senator came through for me once again. He promised to look at the law as it obviously was in need of reform….maybe only taking tomatoes from the top 10% of growers he suggested. I was elated. The system had worked again.

Demand Your Rights

My neighbor is obsessed. It seems everyday I’ll catch sight of him in his garden watering, weeding, pruning, or whatever. He is constantly tending to his vegetables, relentlessly working the soil, and endlessly bearing the burdens it takes to have a successful garden. Me, on the other hand, basically do as little as I need to just to keep my veggies from drying up and being blown into the wind. His tomatoes, as you may guess, are large and numerous. Bright red and thick. Juicy and mouth watering. Mine, however, are usually smallish and teeming with worm holes. And if they are red at all, it is that darker red tomatoes tend to turn as they go to rot.
Well, recently I decided I would have no more of it! I thought long and hard about how to resolve this problem. He had such beautiful numerous specimens and mine were so embarrassing and few. What could I do? How could I hope to do better?
Well here is what I certainty wouldn’t do. I wouldn’t spend more time in my garden. That could take away from my time watching ‘The Simple Life II’. No way would I hit the books and learn what it might take to make my veggies flourish. My God, not with Madden 2005 due out this week. Nor would I ask my neighbor for his help or ideas as to how to make my garden a place of growth and beauty. He would obviously think me inept if I had asked for his help.
Here is what I decided to do instead. I sat right down and wrote my congressmen! “It is Unfair!” I wrote, “That one man has such a beautiful bountiful harvest and another has so little!” I demanded something be done. I insisted they propose a law that would take some of my neighbors prized vegetables and give them not just to me, that would be selfish, but to everyone in my neighborhood. I was adamant that this was my right and must be acted on immediately.
Well here is what happened. I received two letters back. One from a Democrat senator and one from a Republican senator.
The Republican senator wrote that he was astounded at my lack of resourcefulness and personal responsibility. He lambasted me for asking the government to take what was rightfully one man’s and give it to another. He added that I needed to brush up on my readings of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. I was at once both angry and appalled. How dare he speak to me in such a manner. Still steaming I opened the other letter; I smiled as I was informed that me and my family would soon be receiving the reward that was rightfully ours…if this senator had anything to say about it.

You gotta love America!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

The New USA

An open letter to all liberals, progressives, and those pathetically called 'undecideds':

We, the conservatives, are informing you forthwith of our secession from the union as of this date. We would normally be expected, at this point, to ask that this be a peaceful undertaking, but why should we waste our pen ink. It's not like any of you would really put up much of a fight anyway.
All states which have for the last five years voted mainly Republican will be taken as our own and we will be keeping the name 'United States of America' since you never really respected it anyway. That, and the name "Comrades of Socialist States of Appeasement' is as of this writing still unused.
We also will be taking the military and all weapons therewithin. As you have in the past had no use for either, this should not be much of a problem for you. We will be leaving you all the diplomacy and nuance you could ever want to use as we are sure these will keep you safe in the world as it presently exists. Oh and we will be forwarding Kofi Anan's address which you can do with as you please.
We will be changing our tax system from that which injures the productive in our society to one which encourages productivity. The income tax system will be abolished and replaced with a National Sales Tax. But that will be of no real interest to you. This might however, it seems a large number of those in the upper income brackets will be coming with us. So your process of taking from those who earn and giving to those who don't may become somewhat imperiled. We don't want to scare anybody but it might come about that some of your constituents might just have to get jobs! But then those might themselves have to pay taxes...Thus making them the haves and others the havenots...We can not tell you how much glee we will receive from you trying to sell your politics of class warfare then.
We will be leaving you much, however. You can keep Hollywood. Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera are all yours as well. We will cede the ACLU and Government Schools. Anti-Everything protesters and the love of the French people we also gladly leave.
We do wish you well, we really do. We hope that this change causes you to grow as a people. We hope you will realize that your rights were given to you before birth by a greater power and not after by the federal courts. We hope you will learn that freedom isn't free and many have sacrificed much for your right to spew your stupidity. And if and when you realize that you truly are adults and that Government is not your parent, we will gladly accept you back in the fold.
And lastly always remember that your action are the cause of all evil in the world and oh yeah, no drilling in Anwar!

The People of the United States of America

Monday, September 20, 2004

My First Posting

This is my first foray into the world of be gentle. Most of what you can expect to see here will be my ideas on current affairs, the state of our world, and my hopes for the future of the same. I'm told sometimes that I tend to come across as sarcastic and pompous...if that bothers you you have come to the wrong place. I will handle somethings seriously. However, I am not PC and will at times attack quite serious subjects with humor possibly insulting some readers. All I can say to that is "Grow up." One of the first thing you can expect to see is that I have little regard for those who are not 'grown up.' Those who after leaving their mothers bossom now look for Mother Government to take care of all their needs. Your life and freedom was not given to the government at the time of your birth it was given to you. It is a big resposibility but it is YOUR resposibility and no others. Enough ranting for now, but if any of the above ideas tickles your interest bone or you are completely bored and can't find Paris Hilton on any of the cable channels pop by and read a little. Don't be afraid to reply as I look forward to your thoughts on my posts....good or bad.