Sunday, February 25, 2007

An Angry Libertarian Rant

I do not like government. It does nothing well. It never has.
That said, I understand its usefulness. I willingly cede it my God given powers over self determination on such issues as national borders, warfare, police protection, and infrastructure. These things it does not so well either, but I am convinced it does them better than I could myself.
But that is where it ends. I do not believe it is governments responsibility to save the poor. To force vaccines on preteen girls. To take my legally earned money and give it to someone for the suffering of their grandparents under the guise of ‘retributions’. Or to stop me from smoking. Or to force me to wear a seat belt. Or frighten my children with end of the world pseudo-scientific scenarios. It is not the government’s concern that I make minimum wage or that I earn 100 times what other employees take in. My tax money should not be used to destroy personally want to do that, pay for it yourself. And for God’s sakes, why would any sane human being want a bureaucrat to decide his or her healthcare?
If these things are what government is now for, I don’t want it. You can keep it. I got some guns, some basic understanding of survival and mine will be fine on our own, thank you very much.
I am convinced that our founding fathers did not have the juggernaut that we now call the government in mind when they took their lives into their hands to found a free society. That word ‘free’, does it have any meaning left? Americans pride themselves on their freedom, I question its existence.
Every time there is a disaster, a tragedy, or simply little Johnny has the hiccups some self-important politicians take it upon themselves to draft a bevy of new laws. Laws to change our behavior. Laws that makes criminals out of decent men.
Laws should be made to protect person and property, most of the rest are simply government intrusions on freedom. Hey, there’s that word again.
I often ask myself, are Americans now afraid to be free? Is today’s American willing to cede his or her freedom simply for personal comfort and freedom from worry? The answer I find is nearly always unpleasant.
This is not the America I choose to inhabit. Nor the one, I believe, our forefathers had envisioned. No thank you, I’d rather secede. That is, if I could only figure out with which of the myriad governmental entities I need to file my secession papers...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

National Healthcare Time Line

-02/21/2007 UPI...“Zogby Poll Finds 45% of Americans feel Healthcare is Top Issue”

-12/25/2009 Los Angeles Times...“President Obama’s Nation Healthcare Program Passes House”

-06/13/2010 Chicago Tribune...”Department of Health Opens Its Doors”

-11/15/2011 Washington Times...”Doctors Bemoan Bureaucratic Control Over Tests and Procedures”

-08/03/2012 New York Post...“AARP Chief, ‘If Republicans elected, they will take your healthcare.’”

-11/23/2015 Kansas City Star...”Feds Pay Average $10,000 per MRI...Price Caps Proposed”

-01/14/2016 International Herald Tribune...“Canada, European States Take Steps Toward Privatization of Health Care”

-04/16/2016 Boston Herald...”Governors Demand Healthcare for Undocumented Workers”

-11/02/2017 Drudge Report...”Senators Pass National Dental Care Bill”

-03/28/2018“New Department of Health Chief Warns of Booming Black Market Healthcare”

-01/13/2020“Long Cold Snap Putting Strain on Nations Hospitals -Al Gore Treated for Frostbite”

-03/03/2020 JAMA...“Study: Fewer American Students Pursuing Medical Degrees”

-03/03/2020“Congress to Impose Quotas to Force Students Into Careers in Medicine”

-06/06/2022 San Francisco Chronicle OnLine...“Rainbow Council Angry of Lack of New AIDS Drugs”

-01/22/2024 Sydney Morning Herald...”Australia Now World Leader in New Drug Debuts”

-11/27/2025 Wall Street Journal Online...“Nationalized Healthcare Now 33% of Federal Budget”

-07/01/2026 Atlanta Journal-Constitution...”Aged, Overweight, and Smokers Main Stressors on Healthcare Budget Study Finds”

-10/15/2026”New Law to Make Smoking a Felony”

-05/13/2027“Congress to Argue Maximum Age Proposal”

-08/22/2027“Religious Leaders Question Ethics of ‘Age Cap’ Law”

-12/12/2028”Poll Finds Many Young Angry at Bearing Weight of National Healthcare for Elderly”

-03/05/2029 Dallas Morning News...“Study: Dozens in Federal Prison for Seeking Private Healthcare”

-09/22/2029“Doctors’ Unions Threaten Strike Unless Granted Wage Increase”

-11/24/2030 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel...“Health Secretary Asks Congress for Law Mandating 2000 Calorie Maximum Diet”

-04/04/2031 Detroit Free Press...“ACLU Claims Poor Have Longer Waits For Care”

-04/08/2031“Average Americans Question Pro Athletes Access to High Quality Health Care”

-05/25/2031“Long Waits for Basic Tests, Study Says”

-03/13/2025”Poll Claims 45% of Americans Unhappy With Healthcare System”

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Global Warming? Bring It On!

Ironically, I was lying awake last night shivering at the threat of Global Warming. Thinking, worrying, fretting about the dire consequences ahead for me, my family, and friends. Warm winter nights, lower heating costs, sandy beaches in Ontario...the looming menace that is Global warming seemed more than I could stand. That is, until I began to look back rather than forward. The impending doom signaled by iceberg bound polar bears seemed much less intense when I realized just how lucky I have been. Wait. No, ‘lucky’ is not the right word, it smacks too much of passivity. My history shows I am not a passive man. And I am not a lucky man, I am a survivor. Yes, that is a better word...Survivor.
For have I not survived...
the 1970's Ice Age
the bird flu pandemic
heterosexual AIDS epidemic
global deforestation
world wide destruction of the ozone layer
end of the world oil supply
global water shortage
the soil erosion scare of the 1980's
killer bees
world overpopulation
massive globe wide species extinctions
acid rain
global famine
the Japanese economic takeover
coffee, eggs, sugar, and trans fats
secondhand smoke
irradiated foods
power lines
Yes, it is clear to me now, I have nothing to fear. A little Global warming? Hah, I scoff. Shorter, more moderate winters? To that I say, “Bring it on!”

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Stem Cell Update

US scientists say they have discovered a new source of stem cells that could one day repair damaged human organs.
Researchers successfully extracted the cells from the fluid that fills the womb in pregnancy and then grew them in lab experiments.

Damn it, but we wanted to kill embryos!
US researchers have cloned healthy mice from skin cells for the first time.
Despite notorious difficulties in producing animals through cloning, nine of 19 mice who were born survived into adulthood.
The scientists replaced the nucleus from an unfertilised egg with the nucleus from an adult skin stem cell.

Evil adult stem cells strike again...add to the looming rat overpopulation disaster!
Women have grown their own breast implants through pioneering stem cell treatment, it emerged yesterday.
Scientists harvested the stem cells from the women's own fat and encouraged them to form breast tissue.
They say the result gives a more natural look than many of the synthetic implants used by showbusiness stars like Pamela Anderson.

So many non-embryonic stem cell breakthroughs it’s tough to keep abreast of them all.