Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Like Manna From the Gods

For those of you who truly believe that the gods of government can spend your money more effectively than you yourself, please read the following from The Courier News Online...

Like someone who skips a credit card payment, the state would save money now but owe more in the long run — perhaps $30 billion more, according to Republicans.
The Democratic plan calls for reducing state contributions to the pension systems for teachers, university employees and state workers. The state would pay about $2 billion less over the next two years than the law requires.
The move wouldn't have any impact on retirees' monthly checks. Democratic supporters claim it wouldn't even hurt the pension systems' long-term solvency because the plan includes provisions to control pension costs over the next 40 years.
What it would do is free up money that could be used to pay for schools, health care and other government services.
Gov. Rod Blagojevich says that's a trade he can live with if it closes a $1.2 billion deficit without raising taxes, cutting services or opening new casinos.
"What's the point of a budget? It's not just to make the numbers work," he said. "The budget has to work for people. It has to help people live better."...

...Senate Minority Leader Frank Watson, R-Greenville, said Democrats still were tinkering with the numbers to come up with money for programs that would win more member support.

Let’s get this straight, Mr. Blagojevich’s plan is to have the state of Illinois not pay it’s legally mandated requirements to the state pension funds. He will then use the money he saved to pay for other programs. Possibly accruing an even higher debt in the future...sounds oddly familiar to me.
But let’s look at this a little differently. Let us say I have a mortgage. And my monthly bill has just come due. I decide I am not going to pay my bill this month, and even next month for that matter. Oh boy, since I didn’t send in my required payment, I now have actually saved money. ‘Saved’ money by not paying my mortgage payment. ‘Saved’ money by not paying a bill. What a financial god I truly am. Now I can used that extra money I ‘saved’ by not paying my bills, to buy that new HDTV I’ve been wanting. Wow, a win-win situation for me as I see it...if I’m an idiot.
Obviously there is no savings, only additional debt. The ‘saved’ money is still owed, but now also borrowed upon to pay for other bills and some new ‘compassionate’ programs. Mr. Blagojevich knows this. So why would he, and the state legislature for that matter, engage in such irresponsible behavior?
In the end, I believe it is because it is not their money in the first place. They did not exert a drop of energy to earn it. It comes to them, seemingly, like manna from the gods. And heaven knows there is always more where that came from.

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

A Little Sunday Morning Love

There are few things I enjoy more than a good argument. One, however, is ripping shallowly thought out responses to my posts.
Here are a couple comments on my last post.

Wow, sounds like you got that crap straight from Limbaugh.

Don't think, just spew.
Daedalus (@ http://www.washingtonrox.blogspot.com/)


I'd comment here that there are many sorts of Democrats as there are Republicans, but obviously you are one of the people who sees your truth as the only truth, so why bother?

It's a weird version of democracy you believe in--where everyone has a right to their opinions(sic), as long as it matches yours!

Library Lady (@ http://www.libraryladymom.blog-city.com/)

C'mon guys, how 'bout an argument against any of the points? I am well aware of the mental derangement of your party that only allows you to deal in emotional retort, but for one friggin' minute just argue the point! Is it not true that most that call themselves Democrats have no idea what their party now represents? Go ask your parents what a 'Democrat' is. See if it in any way parallels the Dean/Moore/Springer party it is today.
It seems the Left has gotten so used to attacking the messenger that they simply ignore the message altogether...or maybe it is something else completely.
Maybe you have become so ‘invested’ in your political side of the fence that you can not now even admit when those on your side spout such inanities. Kind of sounds like another group making the news as of late. I won’t here say that group is Muslims...that would be intolerant. Whoops, too late.
Ah, but I will not fall into the same trap you so obviously are ensnared in yourselves .

Daedalus said, ’sounds like you got that crap straight from Limbaugh’. I do listen to Mr. Limbaugh on occasion. That is obviously an insult in his estimation, it is not in mine. I also will tune into Air America and listen in awe to the great philosopher/culturist Jerry Springer. Who in your estimation, Mr. Daedalus, holds more credibility and honor? Answer at your own peril.

Library Lady writes, ‘I'd comment here that there are many sorts of Democrats as there are Republicans’. So true. But where in the post did it say there were not? In fact, where was the word ‘Republican’ at all? Your investment slip is showing.
And she writes, ‘but obviously you are one of the people who sees your truth as the only truth, so why bother?’ How is that ‘obvious’? None of the points on the post were my ‘truths’. Far from it. Please, if you would like to argue the validity of any of them, feel free. But they are not mine. Maybe what frightens you most is they just may be yours. Or not yours at all, but now you are either stuck with them or will actually have to take the time and pain of introspection. My truths...no, but are they yours?
And lastly, ‘It's a weird version of democracy you believe in--where everyone has a right to their opinons(sic), as long as it matches yours!’ Again, how does this point have anything to do with the post? Here’s how, it doesn’t. Do I want people to believe as I do? Sure. Or I wouldn’t have an opinion, and definitely not a blog. But Ms. Library deep down I bet your pretty much the same. I bet you believe your ideas and thoughts on issues are the right ones. That your world view is one that would be to the betterment of the planet and mankind. Here we are no different. But I draw the line at ‘as long as it matches yours!’. Which party attacks those who question gay marriage as haters? Attacks the teaching of theories other than evolution in schools? Maligns pro-lifers as zealots, red staters as bible thumping morons, minority Bush appointees as ‘Uncle Toms’?
And I will take offense to your ‘weird version of democracy’ dig. How is asking Dems to get informed a ‘weird version of democracy’? Or is truth a danger to democracy? Better yet, is truth a danger to the Democratic Party?

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Neo-Lib

I'm sure it will be surprising to many, but I have a few friends and unfortunately even a family member or two, who would self-describe themselves as Democrats. Reread that last sentence and emphasize ‘self-describe themselves as Democrats’. I add this because I believe most have no idea what the term Democrat actually implies in modern day America. What the essence of that creature is, what it believes, what it fights for. So I have taken the burden, yea the grave responsibility, upon my broad and ample shoulders to open your and their eyes to the reality of what the term ‘Democrat’ in 21st century America truly signifies. Enjoy.

-You must fight harder to protect the lives of child rapists, multiple murderers, channel catfish, and chickens than the lives of innocent human babies and helpless adults.

-You must actually root for American losses in combat and reputation throughout the globe.

-You must hold a blind eye to the negative, life impacting effects of the welfare state. These non-existent effects include such things as actually hurting those it originally had attempted to help, out of wedlock births and fatherless children, teen pregnancy, immigration, generational unemployment, lack of motivation, and the loss of real world work experience.

-You must walk lock step with the economy busting theory of redistribution of wealth while all the while denying you are a socialist.

-You must dread the unquestioned looming Christian theocracy all the while embracing the life affirming prospect of an Islamic theocracy.

-You must nostalgically long for a more European America. Ignoring, of course, the sagging economies and unemployment, falling standards of living , declining productivity, anti-Semitism, and spiritual malaise.

-You must unearth trifling insults to Women’s Rights here at home while ignoring female genital mutilation, honor killings, sex slave trade, and women’s lack of basic freedoms elsewhere.

-You must hate Bush. Find no merit in any single one of his programs. Believe every appointment he has made, whether judge, department secretary, or diplomat, is an idiot and incapable of doing his/her job. You must believe every move he makes is to enrich ‘his oil buddies’ or ‘friends on Wall Street’. You must believe he is not only a complete bumbling fool, but also a Machiavellian evil genius...Oh yeah, while at the very same time being a pawn of the malevolent super villain Karl Rove.

-You must sincerely believe the government can and will spend your money more effectively than you yourself ever could. Ignoring such things as Boston’s Big Dig, Chicago’s Millennium Park Cloud Gate Sculpture, falling student test scores, the Amtrak money pit, and government redundancy to name just a few.

-You believe in freedom of speech so long as that speech does not include Fox News, on campus Right wing ideals, anti-Darwinism, prayer, the hint of victimization of gays/women/minorities/Muslims/etc., talk radio, pro-American history in the classroom, or any possible differences between the sexes.

-You must have an ambiguous feeling toward Democracy. Denying it at times (see here and here) and screaming about it’s demise at others.

-You must condone anti-social behavior under the pretense of tolerance while still wondering at the loss and utter lack of social discourse.

-You must believe that the best way to secure the future and safety of your children and/or grandchildren is to cede our country’s autonomy and military power to the anti-American whims of the U.N.

-You must back unions on any issue at any cost even if this costs you money, insults your common sense, or costs your children a good education.

-You must believe that we Americans are the cause of 9/11, not jihadist Muslim fundamentalists.

-You must believe that most all heterosexual sex is rape.

-You must believe every person is a victim. The trick is in uncovering one’s victimhood and finding a way to force others to pay for it.

-You must wear your compassion like a medal and be willing to demand the government institute your humane caring on others through threat of fine or jail.

If you see yourself in any of these examples, more power to you. Here is Howard Dean's web site. Join up. But if you are like many 'Democrats', and really had no idea your party now stands for these inane ideas and stances, do something about it. Get informed. Get angry. And for God's sakes take back your damned party.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bush Haters

Who says one can’t learn anything from listening to the other side?

Today, for reasons I will not get into here, I had Air America on the car radio. The droll troll that is Al Franken was literally giddy over the prospect of the possibility that Guantanamo guards had flushed and insulted 'The Most Holy Koran'. That is when it happened. Like lightening from above it came to me.

Many of my Leftist friends have berated me in the past over what the difference is between their undying hatred of Bush and the distaste of many Conservatives (myself included) of our ex-President Mr. Clinton. Well thanks to Stuart Smalley, I have my answer.

Here it is: Those on the Left who so hate the current resident of the oval office, willingly do so even to the detriment of their very own country. Basically they are Bush-haters first and Americans second. Even the most ardent anti-Clintons on the Right seem to be Americans first, Clinton-haters second.

Mr. Franken and the Koran incident are perfect examples of this, although there are countless others. Flappy-lipped Al seems to want this story to be true. He lusts for it. As did, I believe, that so called journalist from Newsweek. His lust for anything that could bring embarrassment to the President overrode his responsibilities as a reporter, yea even as a human. Add to that his seemingly having learned nothing from the Dan Rather debacle.

This is a major problem for the Left…this overriding hatred of Mr. Bush. It shows in their earned reputation as the ‘Party of No’. It emerges in their almost daily anti-American rhetoric. It appears in their perceived hatred for Democracy and the Democratic process.

The American people see all this. They are not blind. A bit of heads up Lefties, it does not play well in fly over country. In the part of this great land where people are still proud of the land in which they live. They will remember your actions come voting time.

So here’s some advice Progressives. Act, even if you don’t really feel it, like you love your country. Like you don’t wish for negative stories to appear that will embarrass her. Act like you will not damn good ideas merely for partisan politics. Act like a great America is your first priority and Bush hatred your second. This is my advice for you.

Who says one can't learn anything from listening to the other side.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Amnesty Internationally, Ignorance Locally

Amnesty International released it's annual report on human rights violations recently. In it's 308 page report it wasted no time in attacking everybody's favorite whipping boy...

"Guantanamo has become the gulag of our time," Amnesty Secretary General Irene Khan said as the London-based group issued a 308-page annual report that accused the United States of shirking its responsibility to set the bar for human rights protections.

Did she say ‘gulag’? As in the Soviet 'Gulag'? The Russian/USSR prison system known as 'Gulag'? Does she know a rat’s ass about history? Or does she even care when she has pot shots to take at the US?
How ‘bout we look a closer at just how big of morons this woman and her organization are when they make such ignorant inflated claims as these...

From anneapplebaum.com, ‘Gulag: A History’:
In the course of the Soviet Union's existence, at least 476 distinct camp complexes came into being, comprising thousands of individual camps, each of which contained anywhere from a few hundred to many thousands of people.


...the total number of prisoners in the camps generally hovered around two million, but the total number of Soviet citizens who had some experience of the camps, as political or criminal prisoners, is far higher. From 1929, when the Gulag began its major expansion, until 1953, when Stalin died, the best estimates indicate that some eighteen million people passed through this massive system. About another six million were sent into exile, deported to the Kazakh deserts or the Siberian forests. Legally obliged to remain in their exile villages, they too were forced laborers, even though they did not live behind barbed wire.

And this from Institute of Historical Review, ‘The Gulag: Communism’s Penal Colonies Revisited’ by Dan Michaels:

Frenkel's special talent for improving inmate work efficiency was quickly noticed by the camp officials there, and it was not long before he was ordered to explain his ideas and methods to Stalin personally. His main proposal was to link a prisoner's food ration, especially hot food, to his production, essentially substituting hunger for the knout as the main work incentive. Frenkel had also observed that a prisoner's most productive work is usually done in the first three months of his captivity, after which he or she was in so debilitated a state that the output of the inmate population could be kept high only by removing (killing off) the exhausted prisoners and replacing them with fresh inmates. Another method of stimulating enthusiasm for work among prisoners -- and at the same time culling the camp population by killing off the weak -- was quite simple. When the prisoners were called out on a work detail, they fell into line. The last man in to line up would be shot as a laggard ("dokhodyaga"), one weakened enough to be useless for work. These policies would ensure a constant inflow of new prisoners, providing fresh labor while weeding out opposition to Stalin and his party.


...under the direct supervision of secret police chief Lavrenty Beria, thousands of Gulag inmates were used to support the Soviet nuclear bomb project by mining uranium and preparing test facilities on Novaya Zemlya, Vaygach Island, Semipalatinsk, and dozens of other sites. Later, the Soviet navy employed Gulag prisoners to rid decommissioned nuclear-powered submarines of radioactivity.


Robert Conquest, who of Western scholars has done the most to investigate and to reveal the crimes of the Soviet regime, estimates that one out of every three new inmates died during the first year of imprisonment. Only half made it through the third year. Conquest estimates that during the "Great Terror" of the late 1930s alone, there were six million arrests, two million executions, and another two million deaths from other causes in the camps. It is Conquest's belief that, by the time of Stalin's death in 1953, about twelve million had perished in the Gulag. Certain investigators, such as the late Andrei Sakharov, have put the figure much higher, from 15 to 20 million.

Sound anything like Guantanamo to any of you? Anything at all?

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Hold Them 'Account'able

I was ranting to Cracker the other day about my inability to understand the mind set inherent to many of the left. The subject of discussion was the debacle that is now Social Security. I was opining as to how many liberals just simply refuse to acknowledge the dire straits of this program. How they refuse to admit that it is heading for disaster. That they, themselves will not be the ones to pay for their naivete...it will be their children and their grandchildren. That their inaction will likely cause their offspring to be hit with upwards of a 17% payroll tax... for Social Security alone. Forget what they will be paying by then towards S.S.’s sister disaster, Medicare. And add to that the extra amount in income taxes those unfortunate enough to have had purposely blind parents will then be forced to pay in order to reimburse the money that is being borrowed (read stolen) from the trust fund today. And the worst thing about it all, the very thing that catches in my craw the most, is that this is from the party of ‘for the children’! How in the hell could the ‘for the children’ crowd act in such a patently ignorant way?
Well, right then Cracker looked me directly in the eye and once again blessed me with his infinite wisdom.
“They are the party of ‘for the children, now.” He stated.
Ah. It all fell into place. Over and over I have seen how the left has no concept of the meaning of unintended consequences. Of how they act today on emotion with little regard for how their actions will logically cause future results. And this was the exact same thing. ‘The party of for the children, now’. Perfect.
And this brings me to the point of this post. They need to be held accountable. Those who would chose to ignore the coming problem through ignorance or simply partisan politics must be held to personal responsibility.
So here is how I aim to make just that happen. I am beginning a virtual storehouse for statements made, not just by those in the public eye, but by anyone in regards to the ‘threat’ of saving Social Security. Please post any verifiable quotes in the comment section of this post. I hope to amass a sizable collection that will then be saved not only through the power of the blogosphere, but to my own personal hard drive. Either way, they will be saved for future generations to peruse. And I will make it the very meaning of my waning years to assure they do just that. In five year increments, I will post my collection of gems, where ever I am able. On personal blogs...through blog bursts...in Letters to the Editor...in mailers...forwarded to those in power...really anywhere my evil little mind can think of.
For once, those responsible will be held accountable. Not merely given clemency by the memory dulling fog of the past.
Since this is my self appointed burden, it is only fair I get the party started...

-From thereisnocrisis.com:

When Will The Money Run Out?
It won't. Based on long-term economic projections, the Social Security trust should be fine for 50 years or so. At that point, some experts project that the number of people retiring will demand more money than payroll taxes can provide. Depending on birthrates, immigration and wages, that may or may not be the case. A lot can change in 50 years.

-Paul Krugman:

The annual report of the Social Security system's trustees reveals a system in pretty good financial shape.

-From Bob @ arriannaonline.com:

Social security is taking in 150 billion more per year today than they are paying out, and will be taking in more than they pay out for the next 15 or 20 years. this surplus is to be used to pay out benefits to the baby boomers when they retire.

Even if nothing is done to " fix social security" the trust fund will have enough to pay full benefits for the next 40 or 50 years then can pay out 80% of benefits from ss receipts. Thes(sic) facts are from the CBO, and the social security trustees.

Republican claim there is a crisis that need to be fixed now, to them I ask where is the crisis? to me it would appear that social security is in pretty good shape.

-Dean Baker, economist and co-director at the Center for Economic and Policy Research in D.C.:

Why would anyone want to change a system that works so well?

-Robert Kuttner, opinion writer for The Boston Globe/co-editor of The American Prospect:

'PRESIDENT Bush's entire plan for Social Security privatization rests on the premise that the system is in severe crisis. But a careful look at the numbers suggests that the financial crisis is largely a myth.’
-Senator Harry Reid: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/congress/jan-june05/reid_2-17.html
‘Well, I think it's going to help what we're saying. What we're saying is there is no crisis. This is a manufactured crisis.’
‘We Democrats believe, all of us, that there is no crisis.’

-Rob Simmons, Connecticut Republican Rep.:

Why stir up a political hornet's nest ... when there is no urgency? When does the program go belly up? 2042. I will be dead by then.

-Harold Meyerson of the Washington Post:

In short, Social Security is not facing a financial crisis at all.

Now it is your turn. C'mon, join up and simply post the quotes and authors in the comment section here.
It is about time stupid selfish people are held accountable...Heck, just ask Democratic Senator Robert Byrd (from 2001):

What do we mean in terms of the calendar when we speak of the baby boom generation? I started out in politics in 1946. The baby boom generation began then and there, for the most part, in 1946. That was a good starting point. Ten years from now, when 53 million Americans are expecting Social Security --hear me--10 years from now, when 53 million Americans will be expecting Social Security to be there for them in their retirement, they will remember--they will remember--whether we voted for a budget resolution that failed to address the long-term financing crisis that faces the Social Security program. They will remember, and so will we.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Devils and Dust...A Journey Through Hell

I am a Libertarian on most issues and pretty damn conservatives on most others, so my leanings are as far from ‘progressive’ as Ted Nugent is from tofu. But I was bad last weekend. I knew I shouldn’t do it, but I just couldn’t help myself. You see, I have a past. A dark side that I hide from all but those who are closest to me. I have been a victim of this insidious mental disorder for some years now. I wish I could say I regret it and I’m sure there are those among my Republican friends who will never forgive me, but this is who I am. And this is what I did...I purchased a copy of Bruce Springsteen’s new CD/DVD ‘Devils and Dust’.
I had been putting it off, fighting the demon inside. But in a moment of ultimate weakness I broke down.
My name is Glen Blagg and I am addicted to The Boss.
I wasn’t always this way. I was young once, and innocent, and naive. I hated ‘Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ’ and ‘The Wild, The Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle’. Detested ‘Born to Run’, ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’, and ‘The River’.
But then it hit me. Hard.
I remember still that dark Fall night. That strange haunting gravel throated music streaming from beneath the crack in my brother’s bedroom door. I can remember that feeling even now. The last of my childhood leaving my body as I stepped into that wicked soul stealing room. It was my first time...and I loved it. It was like nothing I’d heard or felt before. Or since. And I needed more.
Then along came ‘Born in the USA’. One hit after another, I just couldn’t stop.
Then ‘Tunnel of Love’ and ‘The Human Touch’. I drank them down like Evian at a Sierra Club outing.
But then came ‘The Ghost of Tom Joad’. It was then I knew I was sick. I liked the damn thing for Christ sakes. No, I loved it. And I wasn’t the only one, either. There were others, and we would meet under railroad bridges and suck up the tracks one after another.
I’d guessed it was just a matter of time before my addiction would begin affecting my life in negative ways. And it did. My wife wouldn’t step foot in my truck if I ‘was listening to that Springsteen crap’. My boss banned all but sports talk radio from the fry line at my dead end, non-living wage paying job.
I knew I had to do something. So I did. I quit. Cold turkey. No more Bruce. Ever.
Or so I thought.
We all know what happened next. That early September morning. The planes. The fire. The end of the innocense.
Oh, I was fine for awhile. Fine, until that evil Jersey devil had to go and do it again. Along came ‘The Rising’. It was like a morphine shot aimed directly at the hole left in my soul. The pain numbed, I was stuck again.
Stuck, until MoveOnPac’s Vote for Change Tour. That was just too much. Even for one as far gone as I.
“Bruce,” I swore to myself. “You’ve broke my heart for the last time.”
And I meant it. Or I thought I did. I thought I’d finally made it, finally left my habit a distant guilty memory.
But here we are, in the present. At the corner Best Buy, a copy of that damned a cappella pusher’s latest held tight in my shaking left hand and a curled up twenty in my right. My mind spinning in anticipation while at the same time cursing it’s needy weakness. Now rushing out to my Ram, ejecting Nora Jones, and slowly sliding it in.
With the first note I know I’m done. I know I will forsake my Conservative bent for one more angst dripping line.
And again, my name is Glen Blagg. I am a Libertarian. I am addicted to Bruce Springsteen.
No intervention required.

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

There Is No Problem (Chronicles of My Neighbor Part 2)

My crazy neighbor’s was at it again this weekend.
My lawn tends to get mowed at a time many would feel is far too early. He is one of those many. He has in the past, spent hours in my garage raving endlessly about any subject that bubbles up to his childlike mind just to stop me from executing my desired task. Yapping and talking, pissing and moaning...as if he had some type of minority consensus. Ha, I’m the majority here. Welcome to my true Democracy. Filibusted!
Unfortunately, during my last mowing session, you could say I fell on a tad of bad luck. Although, he would, I’m sure, have called it ‘a bit of bad karma’. My Craftsman 22", self-propelled, cutter-mulcher-bagger chose, half way through my front yard therapy, to up and quit on me.
It was then I heard it. An evil sound echoing from across the fence. It was him. Pointing and sneering. Dancing and writhing. Have to say however, that once again I was somewhat amazed to find that Mr. Happy was even up and about at this early hour. Who knew one could buy Starbucks Grande Caramel Latte on a Link card. He was in obvious ecstacy as between the Machiavellian laughter I heard him shouting over and over, “Quagmire! Quagmire!”
As I glared in his general direction, angry already at my broken machine, and that being topped off by his best impression of a raving lunatic, he began his triumphant saunter out from the dark side and into the light.
“Hey neighbor, having a nice morning?” He barked.
“Seems my mower’s on the fritz.” I replied biting my tongue.
“Don’t look like it’s broken to me. Sure don’t think it needs to be fixed at all. Looks like it’s just fine the way it is. Hey, that’s just the way I like to keep mine running. Look, if you just left it like it is and ignored the problem, I’m sure the City would come by and mow eventually. That’s what we pay taxes for, right?” Was his reply.
“Ah, but it is broken. And this is a disaster. My disaster. And the difference between you and me is I intend to do something about it.” I growled.
“Wonder if I got some bad gas?” I wondered aloud.
“No, that can’t be it.” He replied.
“Maybe if I changed the spark plug.”
“Nope, that won’t work either.”
“You think the air filter might be clogged, then?” I asked in rising frustration.
“No I don’t.” Was his only reply.
“Alright then, what the hell is your great idea. What is your spectacular plan of attack?”
“I don’t have one,” He smirked. “Just don’t like any of yours!”
My mind was reeling. I had to do something and the first thing that came to mind was to check the gas. And low and behold, it was empty! I had forgotten to fill the tank this morning when I was stunned and taken aback by Dr. Do-Nothing’s new yard sign...’ANWR, Karl Rove’s Evolutionary Experiment’
Then with all the coolness of an ice cube on a penguin’s ass, I sauntered to the garage, grabbed the gas can, and filled up my beloved machine. Two pulls and I was again up and running. Two shoves of the mower in my neighbors direction, and he was up and running as well.

Friday, May 06, 2005

From 'GBlagg's Little Book of Liberal Euphemism' Part 1

Tyranny of the Majority’-As in ‘we are no longer the majority and downright refuse to acknowledge this fact. So we now feel all majorities are evil. And as the self proclaimed mental and moral elite we will fight the horrendous hand of Democracy(*see Democracy) where ever it dares rear it’s ugly head.’

Pro-Choice’-The belief that the large, older being has the ultimate choice to destroy the life of the smaller, younger being basically from the moment of conception up til and just past the moment of birth.
Addendum-However, abortion is the single only area where humans have enough wisdom to be allowed any freedom of choice.

Theocracy’-Any whisper of religion in the public forum, thus proving the assertion that Zionists and the Pope now run our country.

Tax Cuts for the Rich’-The righteous hatred of any person or corporation more well off than the speaker of the term. Statement can be made even though the individual who states it unknowingly lies in the top 10% of household incomes.

Torture’-Defined as any action by any American that causes any offense or discomfort to a cold blooded child murderer.

Juvenile’-Any criminal, including murderers and rapists, who because of their age and lack of maturity can not be held responsible for their actions. Definition of ‘juvenile’ is not to include pregnant preteens and children in need of birth control. Or senators from Massachusetts.

Compassion’-The act of taking legally earned money or property from those who earned it and giving it to those who can not or more likely will not do for themselves. Oh yeah, and actually having the gall to have the government do that for you.

Tolerance’-The forcing of others to think and believe as you do through threat of insult or defamation.

Diversity’-The large disparity of ideals and politics so obviously seen in American universities and news rooms.

Democracy’-the theory of majority rules with the obvious exceptions of when the Democrats are not the majority or when George Bush’s policies cause Democratic regime change.

New York Times Poll’-A poll weighted and/or worded to support any and all Democratic talking points.

Social Security Theft’-Any program proposed by Republicans supposedly to give true ownership of retirement to individual Americans, but in actuality aimed at enriching George Bush’s Wall Street buddies and Halliburton(*see Halliburton).

Disenfranchisement’-Karl Rove using voodoo in order to cause rain storms thus keeping the elderly and poor from the polling booths.

Religion’-A philosophy utilized to undermine secular collectivism.

Individuality’-A selfish philosophy used to undermine secular collectivism.

Is’-Meaning of this word lies only in the hidden recesses of Mr. Clinton’s needy little mind.

Freedoms’-A collection of rights ceded to individuals by the Federal government.

'Insurgents’-Those women and child murderers the American left refuses to call terrorists because that would booster George Bush’s agenda.

Journalist’-A left leaning Bush hating Norm Chomskey inspired semi-literate media reporter.

Advise and Consent ’-Defined as invoking the filibuster, as never used before, in order to block any Bush appointed judges who dare to hold the Constitution as a defined document.

U.N.’-The conglomerate of the Earth’s countries that obviously has the best interests of all peoples of the world in mind. The term ‘best interests of all peoples of the world’ of course is not to include any American interests.

Halliburton’-Not quite sure the meaning of this one, just that it is a derogatory term used mainly when a liberal is losing an argument.

Homophobe’-Any person who is of the closed minded belief that homosexuality is not the normal state of human sexuality.

Homeless’-People just like you and me whose loss of livelihood through Republican programs and lack of compassion(*see Compassion) has caused them to devolve into drug addicted, alcoholic sub-humans.

Private Accounts’-Another evil plot to steal power from Liberal politicians by putting money and choice in the hands of those who truly earned and deserve it.

Zealot’-Any Right wing Christian red state nut who cares about such trivial things as life and family.

Public School System’-The socialist indoctrination system built to move America from a free society to communism within five generations.

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