Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Time is Here

Coming soon to Total Kaos...”A Total Kaos Christmas Carol”, starring Dave and Glen and the world renowned character actors, the Kaotics.
Can’t get into the Christmas spirit? We’ve got the key to the liquor cabinet! So get the kids together, fire up the fireplace, spike the eggnog, crank up the laptop, and listen December 21st @ 5:00 CST.
The critics agree...

The Grinch at CaveBC News says, “I thought the whoos were gay, but this eclectic group of thespians beats them all to the bathhouse!”

Clarence from it’s a wonderful Life Magazine raves,”Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. The bell should have rung on this production years ago!”

And Buddy the elf of The North Pole Times quips, “This show is part of the five main food groups...candy, candy canes, candy corns, syrup, and the sugar sweet Kaotics!”

So be here on Thursday the 21st @ 5:00 CST, simply click on the microphone on the upper right hand side of our site, and prepare for the joy of the Christmas season to overwhelm you, much like Dave’s appetite at an Old Country Buffett.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Wow. Just Wow.

Read this now!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's All About the Hope

I believe an important feature of being an honorable human is the ability to admit when you are wrong. So with that in mind, here I go.
I was wrong. I admit it. I take full responsibility for my error. I beg your forgiveness. I have seen the light.
In my last two posts here and here, I mistakenly opined that embryonic stems cells have, as yet, had no affect. That they, in fact, had done nothing. But it has come to light that I was wrong. They have done something, they have given hope. Yes, my friends, hope.
Connecticut just doled out $20 million of tax payers hard earned money to fund embryonic stem cell research. And with that, Robert Mandelkern, a committee member and state coordinator of the Parkinson's Action Network had this to say, "Without hope, there is no quality of life. This committee has given people hope."
Hope, thank God for hope. But there’s more.
The Democrats have just taken Congress, what can we expect from them? My bad, it’s hope of course. Sing it Harry.
Reid said he hoped the president "will relent and see the light" that the research gives hope to Americans struggling with illnesses and injuries.

And finally, from our friends in Hollywood.
Michael J. Fox‘s successful acting career might soon be upstaged by his success as a lobbyist – his stumping for stem cell research in last month’s election turned the tide in favor of the controversial legislation in several states across America.
Fox, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, is putting hope for a cure in medical research using embryonic stem cells.

Oooh, free hope from Michael J. Fox. Thank you Mike...did you hear I apologized? Yeah, I’m on your side. Let’s shake on it.
Aah, but I would be remiss not to inform the reader of just a few random facts.
From YahooNews:
But don't expect those promised cures anytime soon. The research is in such a nascent stage that even fundamental questions such as what defines a human embryonic stem cell remain unanswered.
When the committee that runs the center meets to adopt a 10-year scientific plan Thursday it is expected to acknowledge that routine, widespread stem-cell treatments are unlikely to arise within a decade.

Man, that’s a long time, I hope my hope can hold out that long.
Hang on, maybe it won't have to.
There is good news for those of you suffering from those excruciating back aches, a University of Manchester researcher has developed a treatment for lower back pain using the patient's own stem cells, which could replace the use of strong painkillers or surgery that can cause debilitation. Dr Stephen Richardson, of the University's Division of Regenerative Medicine in the School of Medicine (FMHS), has developed the treatment; and in collaboration with German biotechnology company Arthrokinetics and internationally-renowned spinal surgeons Spinal Foundation are hoping to enter pre-clinical trials next year. It is expected to rapidly yield a marketable product which will revolutionise(sic) treatment of long-term low back pain.

My bad...those are adult stem cells. Man, they just keep chuggin’ along don’t they? And without government funding, too.
Well, how about this then...
RejuvaCell Inc., a global leader in adult stem cell therapy for intractable Heart and Vascular diseases, achieves extraordinary advances in the treatment of type-2 diabetes. Over 200 patients treated to date, with 85% of 100 Patients at one year on, maintain significant improvement.

Dang it, it’s those adult stem cells again.
You know what? Screw them and their treatments and cures, I’m sticking with hope!

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