Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Let's Have Some Fun...

I often engage in a past time that I sarcastically refer to as ‘poking the bear’. I define ‘poking the bear' as:
stating an opinion which one believes will most likely get a rise out of one’s opposition.

I engage in this activity not only on my blog, but in my daily life. I will fully admit here that I immensely enjoy this endeavor.

For those who do not understand this concept, here are some examples:

-PETA today came out against Roe vs. Wade...they feel the ongoing battle between Roe and Wade has resulted in a ‘quagmire’.
-In a related story Hillary now has stated she hates all homosexuals.
-In other news, scientists have used Quantum Mechanics to prove Christianity to be the only true religion, and evolution, finally has been fully debunked.
-Other scientists, at the risk of losing their jobs and livelihood, have come out as whistle blowers and told 60 Minutes:
“Stem cells do not exist, never have. It’s all been a hoax. And you idiots fell for it..hahhahahha! And Global Warming...oops, we really screwed up there. In fact, when we reran the numbers, it turns out Earth is actually getting colder. Sorry.”
-Howard Dean told reporters that Social Security is not just in crisis, it is near disaster.
-Mensa has agreed to accept George W. Bush as a member now that it has been found he has the Guinness Book of Records record for highest I.Q. ever.
-Atheists now believe Saddam Hussien actually is evil and Pat Robertson is ‘kinda cool’.
-Joke of the day...A Muslim man goes to the corner store to pick up a pack of Camels. When he gets home, his wife asks him how he's going to feed them all.
-Psychologists agree that liberal compassion is based on pity and guilt.

As you can see, the ‘poking’ need not be based in reality. But merely on getting a rise out of the intended victim. It helps, however to use your opponents talking points or obvious emotionally invested buttons against him.

If I got a rise out of you from any of the above examples, you are the ‘bear’. Yet this is not just a sport for the right, lefties can play too. The court is big enough for all of us. So I am opening the comments on this post as a forum for either side to ‘poke the bear’.

Let’s put anger aside for a moment and have some fun....